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All the Facts on TikTok Star Bella Poarch

At the age of 24, TikTok sensation Bella Poarch is on top of the world on social media. With close to 14.3 million followers on Instagram and a total of 87.3 million followers on TikTok. Poarch is dominating social media.

And she is the third most followed person on TikTok after Charli D’Amelio as well as Addison Rae. The Filipina American gained prominence after she became a viral sensation on TikTok. Through her lip-syncs with Millie’s “M to the B” in August of 2020.

She set herself apart from the other users of the platform. Thanks to her beautiful facial expressions and a love of fashion and anime costumes.

The page of Bella is mostly comprised of lip-sync-based videos and renditions of the most recent fashions in dance and styles. The TikTok singer has also emerged as an advocate of the Asian American community.

In the past, she has confronted unrealistic beauty standards with her first single “Build a Bitch,” which was accompanied by a music clip featuring appearances by influential people ZHC, Bretman Rock, Valkyrie, Mia Khalifa, Sub Urban, Dina,  Rakhim, and Larry.

With an increasing fan base and more tracks in the pipeline here are 10 facts about the singer-songwriter. Who is just starting out that you may not have known?

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Her popularity went viral in August of 2020.

Bella’s fan base grew dramatically after she uploaded a video singing along. The British hip-hop track “M to the B,” made her the most liked video on YouTube.

Bella is the fourth most wealthy TikTok model

Based on Forbes, Bella is the fourth most-paid persona, following Charli D’Amelio Dixie D’Amelio, and Addison Rae.

Bella has earned an estimated five million dollars by 2021 thanks to her rising music career and sponsorship agreements. That she has signed with Moncler, Google, Tinder, NYX Cosmetics, and many more.

Do Bella Poarch’s locks naturally curly?

Bella Poarch Curly hair is a native in the United States. Her popularity has grown across the world, including Canada and Canada, etc.

Bella showed off her curly natural hair on Instagram at the beginning of 2021. “My natural curls,” she wrote, along with two photos of her curly long hair which is normally straight-cut. (Picture: Instagram)

Bella Poarch, as nicely as Bretman Rock both, have cousins

Internet celebrity is a family affair. In June, the two revealed their cousins’ names in an online video of tie-dye-colored clothing. They both hail natives to the Philippines and first met. When they were children in Pangasinan in the Philippines, where Bella was born.

Bella Poarch is a veteran

At the age of 18, she joined the Navy seeking freedom and freedom. At the time the ship was stationed in Japan and became awed by Japan’s culture.

In an interview in Vogue she wrote, “The Navy taught me one thing”. “That you can’t do everything on your own. You have to have a great family of people near you to entrust and achieve lavish things.”

She is from Texas

When Bella was born in the Philippines. Bella was raised in Texas as young as 13 when she joined the Navy.

Bella has her very own line of merchandise

The TikTok celebrity launched her very own brand of clothing in November 2020. You can nowadays buy the “Grim Hoodie” on the internet.

After gaining her cult following and gaining backlash, she’s faced criticism over an unpopular tattoo.

Following her debut video, the actress faced criticism for the Rising Sun tattoo on her arm.

It’s a tattoo that Rising Sun is deemed offensive by some people in East Asia. As it was an icon used by the Emperor Japanese throughout World War II. Bella porch apologized for the tattoo on Twitter.

She is the creator of her very own Fortnite-themed series

Bella Poarch has joined the ranks of Marshmello. Ninja, Lachlan as well as other famous creators of the ICON Emote Series for Fortnite.

Her hit single “Build a Bitch” holds an enviable place in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart

Bella’s first single debut at No. 58 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Build a Bitch” also performed well internationally, making it to the No.

14 on the Billboard Global Excl. U.S. chart and No. 24 on the Billboard Global 200.

Bella Poarch is set to embark on a tour

Bella will be performing along with Sub Urban on the “Virgil’s Mania Tour” between 2022-2023.

The tour was scheduled to begin performances in September 2021. But the show was later canceled at the last minute by Sub Urban. No new dates for the tour have yet been revealed.


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