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Where to start treating alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a disease that is still misunderstood by society. It is observed that a significant proportion of people who have not had contact with an addicted person so far show a tendency to misunderstand more than those whose relatives have been affected by alcoholism. This situation does not help the person concerned, who can start treatment at any stage of addiction, but needs support, professional help and his own will and motivation.

The most difficult moment is when the addicted person has to break through. In front of himself and others. Alcoholism makes her feel ashamed of herself. Even when you become aware of an existing problem, help may be avoided because of the reluctance to talk about yourself and your experiences. Shame in front of family, friends, and the environment, which in this case can be severely intolerant. Therefore, the first step of a kind of breakthrough consists, in a way, of two steps.

What does it take to break down and start treating alcoholism?

Admission to the problem and self-awareness that this is an addiction stage that requires professional help. Then let go of fear and shame. Understanding that only by sharing your problem with others, openly and openly seeking help, you can go straight to the point. Stay sober and return to normal daily functioning. Without reaching for a glass at every opportunity, and when there is an inability to deal with the problem.

How do I start treating alcoholism?

The support of relatives is also necessary to start alcohol detox. An alcoholic who goes to therapy must be aware that after returning home he will find himself in an atmosphere of understanding, help, substantive and psychological support. Their loved ones often make the same mistakes that make it difficult to stay sober or cause the alcoholic to return to the addiction he or she used to be. It is wrong to hide his actions, to look for further explanations for the situation, and to pretend that nothing serious is happening. Excessive love, in the sense of doing many things for the alcoholic, including making excuses for the alcoholic, produces very different results.

Moreover, it causes an even greater problem to be faced by a person close to him, who, in a way, also becomes a victim of an already developed addiction. It’s also extremely important to admit your problem, understand that your drinking is out of control, and want to get out of the situation. This is the basis for actually treating alcoholism. Combined activities aimed both at drug addiction treatment, if the situation so requires, and at psychotherapy.

Why is alcohol addiction therapy so important?

An addiction therapist is a person who conducts meetings at our facility for people addicted to alcohol. Alcohol addiction therapy is a necessary step on the way to sobriety. Meetings with a therapist have many advantages and complement other types of therapy, e.g. aversive in the form of an alcohol label.

Meetings with an alcohol addiction therapist help the patient understand the problem of reaching for alcohol. To stop drinking, an alcohol addict needs to know where his problem is coming from. The therapist helps you understand what wrong thinking patterns are behind alcoholism, what decisions and what facts from the past. Understanding the mechanism of the logic of patients with alcoholism helps to combat the problem of addiction from the very beginning.

An alcohol addiction therapist helps the patient understand their drinking problem and regain control of their life. Moreover, an appropriately qualified therapist supports the patient during his sober life. Living without alcohol requires learning new habits. The therapist helps the addict find himself in a new reality that requires returning to work, repairing social relations and agreeing with himself.

Alcohol addiction therapy is highly praised by our patients who have taken up the fight against alcoholism. Telling about yourself is soothing.


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