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What You Should Know About Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions

#How Long Do Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions Last?

The length of time your clip-in curly hair extensions will last is determined by how well you manage them and how frequently you wear them. Hair extensions clip in typically last three to six months. It can, however, endure a year if properly cared for. The Hair can be worn and removed as desired, making care easier.

#What Is the Best Hair Texture for You?

Your intended purchase must be compatible with your current hair texture. The tightness of your curls impacts the texture of your Hair. Hair is the most coily and is commonly referred to as a fro. You can also use the included charts as references.

What Is the Best Hair Texture for You?

#Caring For Hair Extensions

Your hair extensions do not require any additional care. Take care of them the same way you would your human Hair extensions. Wash them lightly to prevent shedding. To avoid harming surfaces, use a heat protectant while applying heat.

Washing Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions

Step 1: Determine whether your curly hair extensions require a refresh or a thorough wash. When your curls are slightly frizzy but still defined, just like your natural hair, there’s no need to do a full wash—refresh your curly extensions. When you’ve worn your curly hair extensions for a long time, and they’re no longer defined or full of frizz, it’s time to wash them.

Step 2: Discover how to revitalize your curly human hair extensions. To extend the life of your curly extensions, we recommend using products free of sulfates, alcohol, and parabens. Cleanse your clip ins one at a time in the sink, using light and gentle strokes from the weft to the ends. This will also help to prevent tangling. Then, using lukewarm water, rinse away any remaining cleanser.

Washing Curly Clip-In Hair Extensions

Step 3: Use a conditioner or a hair mask on your hair. Apply again from the clip to the ends. If necessary, use a wide tooth comb to detangle your curly clip-in human hair extensions, working from the bottom up with small, gentle strokes. Allow your curly hair extensions to deep condition overnight if possible. 

Step 4: With cold water, rinse away most of the conditioner (leaving a small amount behind is fine). This aids in cuticle sealing.

Step 5: Use a leave-in conditioner and a water-soluble styling product. Rake the product through the hair gently from clip to end. Then, gently scrunch your curly extensions from the bottom up to encourage the curls. Place your curly clip-in hair extensions flat, preferably on a microfiber towel. Allow drying overnight. You can diffuse your curly hairstyles if you want to speed up the process. 

Use a leave-in conditioner and a water-soluble styling product. 


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