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What You Need to Create Perfect Pearl-studded Makeup

Pearls have undergone a dramatic transformation over the years. The precious beads have moved from adorning older women’s necks to enhancing the eyelids. Pearl-studded makeup is a popular trend that can be spotted on many beauty enthusiasts and influencers. 

Placing pearls on the face is a look for anyone wanting to project something edgy, bold, and dramatic. If you have a party to attend, this may be your chance to try the makeup. You can find a pearls makeup look tutorial to offer helpful tips. There are tools that you need to create the perfect pearl-studded makeup.

The Key Elements

The best thing about pearl-studded makeup is its simplicity since everything that you need is easily accessible. You will only need flat-backed beads, glue, and a placement tool to create the look. 

You can get design inspiration from catwalks and numerous images on social media. The pearls come in different sizes to create any design. You can use eyelash glue or a cosmetic adhesive. Using the right glue is essential to keep the beads on.

The Application Process 

Those who have perfected the art of bead application make the entire process look easy. Makeup artists use nail punching tools that pick up the beads, soak them in the glue, and apply them to the skin. When applying the pearls, begin by planning your design. 

You need to know where you want to place the beads. Next, apply glue to the flat side of the bead. Allow the adhesive to become sticky before sticking the pearls on the skin. The best glue should dry out clearly.

Eyeshadow Framing Look 

Creating the perfect pearl-studded look will also involve choosing the best eyeshadow. Combining two eyeshadow colors will create more of an edge to the look. Using different size pearls will add more dimension to the look. 

Using larger pearls on the edges of the face and smaller ones as you get to the middle will highlight your eyes. You can also use different size beads on the temple for a whimsical result. 

Pearl Beauty Products

For centuries, pearls were considered the queen of gems. They have a long historical tradition dating back to the Roman empires. Today, pearl-studded makeup can help create a queenly vibe. 

The makeup look is popular at festivals, but it does not have to be confined to certain occasions. The beautiful beads can be futuristic and structured, and they are easy to wear. Their finish makes pearls easy to pair with any face makeup, and you can create a subtle look.  

The Minimalistic Look

If you are not ready to go all-in, you can use pearls to create a minimalist winged-out makeup look. Using a few pearls, you can accomplish what liquid eyeliner cannot do. Some people skip bold eyeshadow for a few pearls. Those who love the natural look can include pearls with great results. Pearls can be applied to any part of the face or body. 


To create the perfect pearl-studded look, you need to use the right products. Using pearls in different pastel shades can help create different designs. 





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