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Enhance the Creativity of Your Toddlers at Leens Nestling

Many of us assume that we are born with or without the ability to be creative or imaginative. Being able to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle relies heavily on one’s capacity for inventiveness. A brighter and better future can be secured by creative people who are better problem solvers, more adaptable to changes, and more knowledgeable about new technology. Every person and every child has a unique notion of what it means to be creative. Leens Nestling play school in Gurgaon focuses on the process of divergent thinking that it includes.

How to Encourage Your Toddlers to Be More Creative

Innovative Educating

When it comes to encouraging your toddlers’ creativity, there are a few things you should bear in mind:

The conversations they have with us are a great opportunity to learn about their self-worth.

Describe the toddlers’ work and thoughts in a good light.

Keep your attention on your child’s individuality and the challenges of encouraging his or her imagination and trust in the world around him.

Organize group sessions where your toddler can openly express his/her views, particularly in the area of problem-solving.

Unanswered Questions

Your toddler’s imagination will be stimulated by open-ended inquiries. How can you encourage your toddler’s creativity and imagination by asking open-ended questions?

Suppose it rains every Sunday for the rest of the year.

What if automobiles never broke down?

Is there anything you’d do to stop a mouse from gnawing on your mother’s favorite dress?

Which of these three animals would bring the most to the table if they got together?

If cats could fly, what would they be able to do?

What would happen if the world’s shoes were all the same measurement?

Make sure your questions are framed according to the level of knowledge, understanding, and experience of your child. It’s important to expose your toddlers to new things as often as you can, whether it’s via taking them on a field trip or showing them videos.

Taking a Closer Look at the Art

Early childhood classrooms (aka, preschools) are already home to a variety of art activities that encourage creativity, such as finger painting, drawing, clay modeling, producing prints, and slithering cornstarch goop between fingers. Toddlers can learn a lot about the world around them by paying attention to details.

Spectacular Flows of Energy

A hyperactive toddler can’t seem to stop moving and is constantly engaged in some sort of action. It’s better for them if you encourage them to move as much as possible, whether it’s through dancing, jumping, or otherwise. When dealing with hyperactive toddlers, you can separate them into two groups, one for each child. Clap or tap your feet on the floor while another group has to listen to the music, comprehend the beat, and dance their hearts out.

It is common for toddlers to convey their thoughts and feelings through their bodies. They enjoy hopping like a rabbit or moving like a turtle, dragonfly, or elephant. Ask them if they can use their bodies to communicate their feelings, such as delight, surprise, rage, or sadness.

The Dreaming Game

Imagine games allow children to jet off into their imaginary worlds to recover knowledge from memory, contrast concepts, create connections between unconnected bits of information, and construct situations based on what they know. As a parent, you can let your child imagine themselves in various settings such as being a cat or a butterfly in a garden. What are you looking for?

Give your child the opportunity to act out their inventive scripts with props like towels, tin cans, cardboard tubes, and more at Leens Nestling’s best daycare in Gurgaon, and then enjoy your glimpse into their creative conjuring.


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