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What Version Is My Cellphone?

If you’re thinking about selling your cellphone, you may want some facts about the make and model of your device to make certain you’re getting the right charge. It sounds easy, but with such a lot of handsets available and some cellphone agencies offering variations of the identical version of the gathering at specific rate factors, this one piece is able to being complex.

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If you’ve observed yourself questioning how much does my smartphone value, the number one detail is finding out what version your device is. If you have had your cellular phone for a long time, you won’t have it in particular packaging, however do not worry. There are different approaches to test the version of your cellphone.

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Find Your Iphone’s Model Via Settings

This is purely goal when you have an operating iPhone, you can find out the version of your tool with the aid of beginning your Settings and navigating to General > About. From right here, you will be capable of see your iPhone model call, version wide variety and capability. When you exchange a telephone for coins, it’s essential to recognize the capability of the storage, because it can have an effect at the price. For instance, a phone with a 256GB storage will fetch a better price tag than the identical version with a better 64GB storage.

Some older iPhones may not show the version name within the Settings menu and can satisfactory show the model range so as to be a sum of numbers and letters. You can use the model extensive variety to locate the model name with a short Google search.

From the model wide variety, you could certainly decide numerous useful stats about the tool, as well as the color, united states of foundation, and whether the smartphone has been keep-offered or refurbished.

Locate Damaged Iphone Version

If your device is broken or unresponsive, you can nonetheless query Can I sell my iPhone? In many cases, the answer is sure, however you need to apprehend the version earlier than you could get a quotation for it. That stated, gaining access to the Settings menu on an unresponsive, non-working phone is going to be a bit complicated, despite the fact that there are methods to discover which iPhone you have.

Older iPhones may additionally have a small identification volume printed on the again. It will begin with A and may be used to locate the cellphone’s version. This quantity now not appears on later models of the iPhone 8. For these gadgets, you need to flip off the SIM tray and search for Category A on the top of the SIM tray slot.

Find Android Smartphone Model Using Settings

Finding the precise version of an Android mobile phone will rely on the brand of the phone, as Android is a running system, no longer just a handset anymore. Regardless, if you have a completely functioning Android device and you are inquisitive about a Samsung project, for instance, to make a few extra cash you’ll be capable of use the Settings menu to discover the version range.

Go to Settings > About cellular telephone. From this display display screen, you need to be capable of see as a minimum a few basic information approximately the cellphone, and relying on the phone manufacturer, the version variety might be in this display as well. If you can not see the version amount on the About display screen of the telephone, then try and locate Hardware facts and tap on it.

Locate Broken Android Cellphone Models

Identifying a non-jogging Android device is a touch less easy than an iPhone due to the fact there are such a lot of models created via specific manufacturers who can placed their personal thoughts about the way to bodily print a huge form of fashions.

Since there may be no comparable answer for Android telephones, attempt looking within the following locations:

On the bottom or backside of the device – each engraved, discovered or on a sticky label

On the authentic telephone packaging on or near the SIM tray

If all else fails and you continue to can not find the huge variety of your version, it’s far viable to perceive the smartphone with the useful resource of sight. You can as a minimum understand about the logo of the cellular phone, and from right here, you can test it and compare it with other handsets, even by means of looking at the photos of the manufacturer’s devices. Of route, we’d propose the use of the above techniques first or maybe taking it to a mobile phone store where a professional is probably capable of locate it.

Now which you know what model of the phone you have got, it is time to visit Cell My Mobile and find out how an awful lot you may get for it. We promise to pay exactly what we quote, provided the tool suits the circumstance you select, and if we disagree, we’re going to ship the tool lower back to you at once, no annoyance.


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