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What to Know About Dinosaur Teeth

Q: Do dinosaurs have long teeth? How many does a dinosaur have?

Dinosaurs teeth varied in shape and size depending on the species, but all dinosaurs had teeth that were designed for chewing. Some dinosaurs, like the T-Rex, had long and sharp teeth. What dinosaur has 500 teeth? While others like the Triceratops had shorter and more blunt teeth. Most dinosaurs had about 800 teeth in their mouth at a time, which they would lose and replace as they wore them down.

Q: How did dinosaurs without teeth eat plants? Or did all dinosaurs have teeth?

Most dinosaurs had teeth, but there were a few exceptions. For example, the hadrosaurs or “duck-bill” dinosaurs didn’t have any teeth at all! Instead, they ate plants by using their hard beaks to bite off pieces of vegetation. Another group of dinosaurs, the ornithopods, had smaller and more delicate teeth that were only good for crushing small bugs or fruits.

Q: Does any dinosaur have sharper teeth than a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Most dinosaurs had teeth that were designed for slicing and tearing meat. Tyrannosaurus Rex, however, had some of the sharpest and most powerful teeth of any dinosaur. These teeth were so sharp and strong that they could easily crush bone.

Q: How much could a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth weigh?

It’s difficult to estimate the weight of a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth, as they varied in size. But some have been found that weigh as much as 1.5 kg! I’m not sure how many dinosaur have long teeth, but I imagine it would be most of them.

Q: How many teeth does stegosaurus have?

Dinosaurs didn’t actually have long teeth–most of them had peg-like or blade-like teeth. And, as for how many, it really depends on the species. Some had more than 50, while others only had around 20. But regardless of the exact number, they all had a lot more teeth than we do!

Q: How many teeth does diplosaurus have?

Dinosaur had varying numbers of teeth, depending on the species. Diplosaurus likely had up to 350 teeth in its mouth at one time! That’s a lot of chomping power! Most dinosaur probably had between 50 and 100 teeth, though.


Dinosaurs were some of the most impressive creatures to ever walk the Earth. What’s even more amazing is that many of them are still around in one form or another – their teeth! If you want to know more about what dinosaur has 500 teeth?, how they evolved over time, and how to tell a T-rex from a Triceratops, keep reading. Our team of professionals has put together everything you need to know about these prehistoric predators and their pearly whites. Have any questions after reading this post? Contact us today for more information.


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