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What Is The Best Way To Pass An Alcohol Breath Test 


The police department has some standard tests, and an alcohol breath test is one. The results from a breath test are less invasive than other means like a blood test. You can run the test instantly, and the result is obtained immediately without visiting the lab. You can also refer to the test as a breathalyzer.   

The breathalyzer is of two kinds; the standard breathalyzer device is the preliminary alcohol screening (PAS), which can be kept in the pocket and used in the bar, club, or roadside. This simple device is not wholly accurate but portable for a breath test. The second type of breathalyzer is commonly used in the police department. This type is more accurate but difficult to carry around due to its large size. This machine is frequently used for alcohol breath tests if the suspect is taken to the office. The suspect will wait for a short period while under monitoring by an office. Suspects are known to puke when no one is watching to increase the breathalyzer’s reading. Sometimes, many tests are run to verify the machine reading. 

Is a Breathalyzer Accurate? 

Alcohol breath test like pocket breathalyzer is not as accurate as of the machine breathalyzer and may not be accepted as evidence in court in most parts of the country. All scientific machines have a range of errors, and the machine breathalyzer is not without fault but has consistent results compared to the pocket device. The latest news by ZDNet reports that the device showed faulty and inflating readings when used in some states like Washington State and New Jersey. 

There are some myths on beating the breathalyzer, but they have not proven true. Here are a few; 

  • Use breath fresheners such as breath mints mouthwash to reduce the alcohol smell or mitigate the BSC readings. 
  • Some people believe sucking on a penny will help beat a breathalyzer because of the high copper concentration. 
  • Some believe that the breathalyzer has a lesser effect on smokers than non-smokers.  
  • Another myth is hyperventilating, exercising, or holding your breath before you blow. 

How do you Pass a Breathalyzer Test? 

The standard method of passing an alcohol test is to stick to the drinking limit of 0.08. This is the standard limit for blood alcohol content in most states. You can employ the help of a handy chart to determine the glasses of alcohol you can ingest per hour. 

If you must drink, then you’ll need to delay the breathalyzer test to pass. The simplest way is not to drive after you finish drinking, as it is recorded that alcohol content released from the body every hour is equivalent to a drink. Do the calculation, then determine when it’s time to move to avoid being pulled over by the cops.  

Can you Beat a Breathalyzer Test in Court? 

In some cases, it is possible to cheat a breathalyzer in court. However, this possibility is low, but here are some of those rare cases; 

  • Increased blood alcohol argument. The defense is not substantial and can be accepted if the alcohol content is not over the limit. The argument goes that the increase in the reading results from the alcohol in the stomach. The suspect’s alcohol content was within the limit before being pulled over for roadside examination while entering the vehicle. The alcohol in the stomach is digested during examination or transportation to a facility and flows into the bloodstream, which alters the readings. 
  • The vomit argument. As aforementioned, some suspects tend to vomit when pulled over to reduce the alcohol content in the blood. The vomit will bring the alcohol in the stomach to the mouth, which will affect the breath test reading. This argument is why suspects are under supervision when taken to the station. 
  • The ketones argument. This defense was formulated in the 1950s. The ketones consist of diabetic treats and low-carb. The keto diet puts a person in the stage of ketosis, which is a state where the bloodstream is filled with ketones. A diabetic diet also consists of free-floating ketones. The device’s reading may be altered by the presence of ketones in the blood. The court can accept the reading if the reading is within the implemented alcohol limit in the state. 

Can You Refuse an Alcohol Breath Test? 

Some regulations called implied consent laws have been enacted by some states. The law averts refusal to take a breath test when requested by an officer as a driver. The indictment attached to refusing to take an alcohol breath test varies from state. Some states may suspend your license for a week, months, or even years plus charges from the DUI. Authority uses other forms such as lack of excellent driving skills, indistinct speech, smells of alcohol on your breath, the denial to be tested, and failed field sobriety tests to test your driving. 


Finally, the safest means to pass an alcohol breath test is not to drink, but you can also beat the breathalyzer by knowing your BAC level.  Apart from that, you can utilize a BAC track to monitor the number of drinks you take. Knowing how your body digests the alcohol and your equivalent BAC is also best. This scenario will help you make better decisions before the test. 

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