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What is SSL? (Secure Sockets Layer) 2 Best Free SSL

What is SSL?

Starting an online business or blog is more than getting the right host and website builder. You need to provide a safe environment for the online store or the blog so that people could trust you. Every virtual business needs traffic to achieve their desired goals. Here, SSL comes in. 

SSL Stands for Secure Socket Layers that provides a secure connection between two servers. The SSL was first developed by Netscape in 1995. The basic reason to develop the secure socket layer was to ensure privacy, data integrity and authentication in internet communication. The purpose of using the SSL is to keep your user’s information prevented from third-party. 

SSL acts as a secure channel and turns the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) into HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). Here the need to secure HTTP is necessary as the data transferred from web browsers to web servers is transmitted into plaintext that is easy for attackers to intercept. This is the main reason why SSL came into being. 

The Importance of SSL 

In the past few years, the hacking and fabrication of data get more common. SSL wasn’t adopted by many websites until the third-party interaction gets common. As the customer gets aware of the SSL they always approach to SSL certified websites. SSL certified is mention on a website URL or a green padlock indicates the certification of SSL. 

Recently Google updates its algorithm and gives special importance for the SSL certified website. Which means the SSL websites will get easily ranked in google search engine. The SSL is becoming more important for everyone, whether it’s a website owner or a customer for both SSL is the way to get securely connected. 

what is SSL & Importance of SSL
What is SSL & Importance of SSL

Why Do You Need SSL for Your Website? 

With the increased interaction of virtual communication and transaction, SSL becomes the need of every platform. Users always need a secure platform which guarantees the security of their personal data. No one wants to give their essential information to the insecure website. The Security principles followed by SSL are 

  • Data Integrity: Ensure that the data requested or submitted don’t lose its original form. 
  • Authentication: Ensures that the web browser connected with the server is authentic and correct. 
  • Encryption: The SSL ensures the protection of data transmissions from server to server, application to the server, browser to server and etc. 
What is SSL & Why we Need SSL
What is SSL & Why we Need SSL

 SSL can be used to secure 

  • All the internet-based traffic such as files, data connections, internal networks, document sharing and extranets. 
  • Online payments including credit card transactions. 
  • Outlook web access, office communication, Exchange and other webmail servers. 
  • The connection between email clients and email servers
  • Hosting control panel logins and activities like cPanel, Parallels and others. 
  • Transfer of files over HTTPS and FTPS servers. 
  • Virtualization applications and workflow such as cloud-based computing platforms.  

How to Get an SSL Certificate? 

Now when you know what is SSL and how important it is for your website and user engagement, it’s important to purchase for your website. SSL certificate is based on the codes and paragraph that is specific only to your website. To get an SSL certificate you can approach different contractors on the internet. The SSL certificate is only valid for one year. You need to renew your certificate every year. 

What is SSL & How to get Free SSL
What is SSL & How to get Free SSL

Some of the hosting companies also provide the SSL certificate for free with their hosting package. After getting the SSL certificate the last step is to install the certificate on your website doc store in the server. Majority hosting providers install the SSL certificate on their user’s website. Although, some don’t take this responsibility and you have to do it on your own.

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