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26 Best SEO Tips For Bloggers – The secret to climbing rankings

New SEO Website – The secret to climbing rankings

SEO tips for bloggers

SEO has never been an easy job. New website SEO also requires SEOs to be extremely careful. It is the first “bricks” to build a strong website in the future.

Seo tips for bloggers
Seo tips for bloggers

Getting a website on top is difficult. To optimize new website SEO is even more difficult. Behind a new website that has the power to get promoted are a host of factors that need SEOers and business owners to take special note of.

  • How do Google bots notice your new website?
  • What are the first “bricks” to lay the foundation for a new SEO website?
  • Have tips to help the website get indexed quickly?

In this article, the Nef Digital team will answer the above questions.

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Website structure construction – site structure

Before you get started, you need to build a website layout. Whether it’s a small website or a large website, proper architecture is essential.

With a streamlined, systematic layout, Google bots easily understand the web’s content layers. From there, the indexing of subpages in the website is going smoother.

A cleverly structured website helps users find what they need quickly. Users easily grasp the main content of the entire website. From there forming a good user experience.

In order for the structure of the website to be transparent and easy to understand, you can apply a few architectural models. Examples: silo model, topic clusters. Building structure helps search engines understand what is important content to prioritize indexing.

You should pay attention to optimizing Breadcrumbs to clarify the structure of the web. Users who rely on breadcrumbs will know exactly where they are on your site.

The more subpages a user visits your website, the quicker a search engine will index it. This is great for new website SEO.

Keyword research

Just as important as planning the website layout. Keyword research is something you cannot fail to do. Get your website ranked quickly. Identify your set of keywords as soon as possible.

There are many tools that are useful for you in keyword research such as:

  • Ahref
  • Keyword tool
  • Google Keyword Planner

You can also rely on some of the Google search results. It can help you get an idea of ​​your user’s search behavior and your niche.

Keyword Research ( SEO tips for Bloggers )

Choose a domain name

A domain name is one of the first factors that attract users to your website. Taking advantage of this feature, many businesses have taken keywords associated with their business to make domain names.

Importance of domain name as a SEO tips for Bloggers
Domain Names ( SEO Tips For Bloggers )

New website SEO domain

This is also a way to help search engines understand your website’s content. However, now this approach is no longer effective as before.

You might consider having your business name as the primary domain name for your website. This is a natural, non-spammy approach.

With a new website, not only choosing a name, you need to be mindful of a few domain issues such as:

Protocol HTTPS and HTTP

If possible, install and use the https protocol. Https is http secure, an enhanced security version of http. Https helps protect visitors’ information from being retrieved.

Https as a SEO tips for Bloggers
SSL ( SEO tips for Bloggers )

Domain with or without www.

With or without www. will be understood by the bot as two different websites. When building a domain name, keep this in mind to avoid duplicate content and domain names.

www & non www
SEO Tips For Bloggers

Minimal page URL

Has the same effect as the domain. The URL helps users reach your website. URL criteria is also a ranking factor for your website.

Combine with website architecture and keyword sets. When making the URL for a new website, you should build a system to avoid duplication. The URL should be short, easy to remember, and conveys the broad content of the page.

Page speed

Page load speed is an important factor in website SEO. It affects both the user and the crawl rate of the bot.

Users are increasingly fastidious when the patience to wait for page load is getting lower. Page loading speed is too long, the sooner users leave the page. A high bounce rate negatively affects the SEO of your new website.

Page load speed also affects the time the bot crawls. The crawl budget is calculated by the number of pages crawled per unit of time. The high page load speed reduces crawl. Affect indexing for your new website.

For a new website, from the very beginning, you had to choose carefully. Choose a reputable content management system (CMS) provider and system that will be helpful for your new website.

page speed optimization as a SEO tips for Bloggers
Page Speed Optimization ( SEO tips for Bloggers )


These days, users have the habit of using mobile phones rather than desktop computers. The mobile phone is compact, convenient, and highly flexible. Therefore, it is increasingly popular for users to browse the web with their mobile devices.

Google has announced that mobile indexing will be given priority. This means that when your site has a mobile version, it will be a tweaked result in the Google index.

To boost the SEO performance of your new website, make sure that the mobile version of the web is available. Your new website should be mobile-friendly, easy to view, and easy to navigate.

 There are a few tips to increase your website’s mobile-friendliness as follows:

Make sure the content on your website is not too long. Do not let on the user’s phone screen is full of text.

Choose tags that describe relative image sizes. Instead of exactly the size of the image on the web, use tags that describe the size of the image such as small, medium, …

Minimize the size of the image to not to cause a heavy load on the website.

Improving mobile page loading speed is an effective new SEO website optimization method.

Focus on creating a responsive design for the web.

Mobile friendly site as a SEO tips for Bloggers
Mobile Freindly ( SEO tips for Bloggers )

Create a sitemap

You can wait for Google index for your new website but this is very time-consuming. Please proactively submit the sitemap to Google to speed up the indexing process.

Google strongly encourages you to submit sitemaps to them. Google needs to crawl your website before letting your site show up on SERPs. By submitting sitemaps, you are telling Google that your website exists and letting the “giant” know which websites are on it.

Sitemap as a SEO tips for Bloggers
Sitemap ( SEO tips for Bloggers )

Sitemap SEO new website

When creating a sitemap, you should choose less than 200 URLs. Decide and choose which pages you want to index and not. Prioritize the selection of canonical URLs to prioritize indexing.

Creating a sitemap is not that difficult. Below we will reveal some of the most popular site map creation sites for you:

Sitemap as a SEO tips for Bloggers
SiteMap ( SEO tips for Bloggers )

Using Yoast SEO plugin:

You open the SEO Yoast software. In the toolbar on the left side of the screen, move your mouse over the SEO section and select Feature to enable Advance. Then, you perform the operations of creating a sitemap, cleaning the page, posting from the sitemap, …

This will be your result after doing this: https://nef.vn/sitemap.xml

Use Google XML sitemap:

After installing Google XML, you convert the application to active plugin format. You select the setting and navigate to the XML-sitemap section and follow the instructions.

Finally, you go to the link: website.com/sitemap.xml to check if the sitemap you just created is running. Copy the sitemap link and lead them to Google to declare and update the index.

Use the 3rd tool

Not only the “giants” like Google or SEO Yoast have tools to help make sitemaps. You can go to https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ to create your own sitemap.

There are also some other manual ways like inserting the following link in your robots.txt:


But this manual method takes time and makes it more difficult for you.

Build links on the page

A high bounce rate is a concern of new websites. Bounce rate is when a user bounces off your landing page without visiting any other pages on your website.

To combat this, you need to build internal links on your site. Internal links help direct users to “visit” more subpages on your website.

Internal links are also a way to help users navigate to the product or service pages you offer. They also provide links to related pages on the web naturally.

You use anchor text to link internal links to your website. This prompts the bot to fully crawl your new website. A crawling bot as soon as possible improves SEO for your new website.

Declare with supported applications

The application declaration is essential for the new website SEO. The application will support the new website fast indexing. With support applications, you can easily grasp the problems the website is facing.

You should register, set up a website with some of the following applications.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a bridge between web developers and Google. To increase the effectiveness of the new website SEO, you need to set up a Google search console as soon as possible.

The Google console doesn’t just help you with keyword research. This service also helps you identify some errors that need to be fixed on your website.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is a useful and practical product from the big Google. This app page helps analyze your new website. Monitor your visitors and how they interact with your website.

Google analytics seems more useful for an old website. But with a new website, this will be a tool to help you navigate the web design development to best suit the user.

Google My Business

In the case of local queries, the search engine will show the most relevant businesses. Your business and your new website will appear on Google Maps when you sign up for Google My Business.

With more impressions, the percentage of new visitors to the website increases. Therefore, the effectiveness of your new website’s SEO has more positive signs.

Content optimization

Building content within the website is paramount. After building your infrastructure, you are forced to nurture new website content.

The text on your website is called content. The content of each page has at least a few sentences to 300 words. Content is added to pages with content and purpose clear.

Search engine bots rely on the content communicated on the pages to better understand the web’s content. From there page rank associated with specific keywords.

SEO trends in recent years focus a lot on techniques E.A.T (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness). To get more favor in improving SEO for the new website. You provide E.A.T quality content.

Not just the content of the content. The title and description tags of the pages on the new website also greatly affect the SEO of the new website.


The title tag is displayed on the SERP when a user queries it. The ideal place for search engines to know the main content of the blog post. For the new web

Formally, the title should be short and concise. The title tag is limited to 50-60 characters, which corresponds to 10 to 12 words. Note: the title is unique and must not be duplicated.

In terms of content, the goal must be to enable the main idea of ​​the page. If possible, target your potential customers directly. In particular, the title should be tied to ONE main keyword.


Similar to the title, the description tag is also displayed on the SERP, just below the page’s title. Each page will have its own description. Description tags are limited to 150 characters.

Although it does not directly affect new web SEO, the description tag (meta description) is a factor that helps increase user visits. Since then, your new website is appreciated when ranking.

Offsite issues

In addition to the series of onsite issues that we just should be on. You need to be concerned with offsite issues.

For a new website, the offsite issue is often not paid much attention to. But it is the power to pour from backlinks that will bring high rankings and positive reviews from search engines.


The backlink is considered a vote for your website. The more quality votes, the more appreciated your website.

Backlink as a SEO tips for Bloggers
Backlink ( SEO tips for Bloggers )

SEO new website backlink

For a new website, you need to be more aware of the backlink issue. A completely new website doesn’t have many chances of getting quality backlinks.

If you are thinking of buying or creating your own backlink then dismiss that thought. If there are many unnatural backlinks pouring in, your new website is very easy to be penalized and lowered in rankings.

Social media

To avoid the new website being affected by unnatural backlinks. Should you consider synchronizing your Social and website.

Social is often known for its use of online communication tools for businesses. For SEO, this is also a powerful tool to create backlinks without worrying about penalties.

Social networks allow you to share the content of the page through online media channels easily. The social synchronization with the web also increases the authority of your website. Increased web credibility is a very useful thing for your new website SEO.

Above are the whole new SEO website tips. Team SEO team Nef Digital hopes to bring new and useful information to you. Any additional comments or suggestions please contact or leave a comment below the article.

Social Media as a SEO tips for Bloggers
Social Media as SEO ( SEO tips for Bloggers )

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