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What is propylene glycol and where is it used?

You may have seen the ingredient propylene glycol listed on products like food, cosmetics, and medicines. If you are a vaper, it is virtually impossible to find your way around vaping products and e-liquids without using the term propylene glycol (pg). It is present in all vape devices, including disposable vapes such as the Elf Bar 600 series.

But what really is propylene glycol? This article will introduce you to propylene glycol, discussing its properties and uses.

What is propylene glycol?

Propylene glycol is a clear, colourless liquid that is derived from propylene, a natural gas component. It is odourless and has a slightly sweet taste. Propylene glycol is used as an antifreeze in automobile radiators and as a coolant in air-conditioning systems. It is also used as a solvent in many pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In addition, propylene glycol is used as an ingredient in many food products, such as ice cream, cake mixes, and salad dressings.

Speaking of its chemical properties, propylene glycol is a dihydric alcohol with a chemical formula of CH3CH(OH)CH2OH. It is slightly viscous and has several excellent solvent features. It has a boiling point of 187.4°C and a flash point of
99 °C.

Where is propylene glycol used?

Propylene glycol can be found in a variety of products, including:

-Antifreeze and de-icing solutions
-Cosmetics and personal care products
-Food additives

It is also used as a heat transfer fluid in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.


Propylene glycol is a chemical that is used in many different products, including food, cosmetics, and medications. It is also the main ingredient in e-cigarettes and vaping liquids. Simply put, without propylene glycol, there would be no vaping as we know it.

E-liquids for vaping contain propylene glycol. PG is paired with vegetable glycerin (VG) to form the base of all e-liquids. The PG works well as an emulsifier, keeping ingredients mixed together and will vaporize easily. VG acts as a thickening agent, creating more vapour when there’s more of it in an e-liquid.

Is Propylene glycol safe?

Propylene glycol is used in many products. While it has a generally good safety profile, some people may be concerned about its potential health effects.

There is some evidence that propylene glycol may be harmful if inhaled or ingested in large amounts. It has been linked to kidney and liver damage in animal studies. However, these effects have not been seen in humans.

Propylene glycol is considered safe for most people when used in small amounts by the FDA.

It can be used as a food additive in the US and Europe. The European Union also permits it to be used as a solvent in food, with up to 0.45 grams per pound (1g per kg) allowed in the final food product.

It can be found in many processed foods in small quantities, but some people are ingesting it at high levels because of the food they are consuming which puts them at considerable risk. However, there is just 1 recorded incident of toxicity involving propylene glycol.

An unnamed individual drank a large amount of cinnamon whiskey, which contained propylene glycol, and became unconscious. The symptoms he felt could be attributed to either the alcohol or the propylene glycol.

Another group which may be vulnerable to the substance are those suffering from allergic reactions. There is a low risk of serious side effects while using propylene glycol, but people with allergies should avoid the product. 

It may be wise to reduce dietary intake of current intakes because they are above the recommended level. The major source of this problem are highly processed food.


Propylene glycol is a synthetic organic compound that is used in a wide variety of industries. It is a clear, colourless, and odourless liquid with a slightly sweet taste. Propylene glycol is used as an antifreeze in automotive cooling systems, as a solvent in many pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and as an ingredient in food flavourings, among other uses. Although it is considered safe for human consumption by the FDA, some people may experience allergic reactions to propylene glycol. Additionally, consuming the substance in large quantities may cause other medical complications.

Propylene glycol is used heavily by the vaping industry. In almost any e-liquid you could purchase, you’ll find a mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (vg and pg). The pg content in e-liquid carries the flavour, which is what allowed the Elf Bar 600 series to create so many flavours, making it an important component of any vape product.

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