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What is it like to live in Madrid?

Madrid is one of the largest cities in Europe and also one of the best cities in the world to live in, ranking number 51 in the world ranking of the best cities to live in.

Most of its visitors fall in love with the capital of Spain, which is why it is one of the most chosen destinations for both vacations and emigration. This cosmopolitan city is home to 3 million people, and there are more and more foreigners who decide to travel to learn spanish in madrid and stay for a while, or who directly decide to stay and live.

This is because the quality of life in the city is very high; in addition, Madrid is so charming that those who visit it usually fall at its feet. Many people have decided to take the big step to embark on the adventure of a new life in this beautiful city; That is why, in this article, we will delve into what it is like to live in Madrid.

We will touch on topics such as the cost of living, culture, people, etc. If you are thinking of staying in Madrid even for a while for work or study reasons, this article will be handy for knowing what the city has to offer.

Quality of life in Madrid

The capital of Spain is ranked number 6 in the ranking of urban life´s quality in Europe. This is because it offers a perfect climate, the crime rate is meager, several public services are free, and it provides a complete network of public transport, very efficient, which includes metro, train, and bus.

Regarding the cost of living, many say that it is affordable, and others say that it is a costly city; and it is that, like everything in life, everything depends on the angle from which you look at it. Those people who come from countries like England or Panama will find the prices in Madrid very cheap. But those who come from the interior of Spain, for example, will find the prices extremely expensive.

However, let us be more specific. Madrid is ranked number 4 in the ranking of the most expensive cities in Spain; but the OECD places the country in second place among the countries that offer the best balance between work and quality of life. Therefore, we can assure you that although Madrid is not the cheapest, it is not so costly that you cannot live off what you work for.

To talk about more specific numbers and to be able to establish an average of the income needed per month, we will take the minimum wage in Spain, which is € 950.  This salary is enough to be able to meet monthly expenses, although you will not have much money left over. Whether your stay is for business or if you are an exchange student traveling to take Spanish lessons madrid, you can take this amount as a reference for the budget you will need (at least) monthly.

Places to live and costs

The cost of renting an apartment in Madrid can vary from €350 to €750 per month; It all depends on the area where the residence is located. The closer you are to the center, the more expensive it will be. We mention these values do not consider extra expenses, such as the deposit.

Another option is to rent a room, which can cost from €150 per month to €400 per month; again, depending on the area and the amenities it offers, such as if it has a kitchen or a private or shared bathroom, etc.

Some of the best (and also cheap) neighborhoods to live in are:

* La Latina: An old neighborhood known as Madrid de los Austrias, with very picturesque and narrow streets.

* Lavapiés: It’s not super cheap, but it’s super viable if you get a roommate. It is a neighborhood that overflows with culture, in addition to hosting the most famous open-air market in the city, “El Rastro”.

* Vallecas: This neighborhood is located near the center, but it is very quiet; it looks like a small town.

The weather in Madrid

The climate of Madrid is dry, practically without humidity; There is usually not much rainfall throughout the year, so the skies are generally always clear with lots of sun.

Its temperature is pleasant, with moderately cold winters with average temperatures of 10 degrees; although summers are usually extremely hot, they can do up to 35 degrees. During spring and autumn, the temperature varies between 17 and 28 degrees.

Transport in Madrid

The public transport network in Madrid is very efficient and complete; it includes the metro, trains, and buses. The preferred means of transport for the Spanish is the bike, As long as it’s short trips.

The subway is the fastest and cheapest way; It is one of the best metro networks globally, which connects the entire center and its periphery, in fact, it is one of the most extended networks in the world.

Security in Madrid

Madrid is a very safe city; the crime rate is very low. The only problem that can be found is a pickpocket, as is often the case in all big cities.

How is life for a foreigner in Madrid

Spain is a convenient country for foreigners looking for a new life or starting a new project. It offers very favorable initiatives for immigrants, and the cost of living is quite affordable.

Madrid offers many benefits for foreigners since the immigration policies are pretty flexible. In addition, the government grants permits and visas that can be tailored to the needs of each visitor.

On the other hand, Madrid is a city with vast cultural diversity as many foreigners live there. So there are always chances to find ex-pat communities to socialize with.

The nightlife is very active and diverse; there is always something to do. Bars, clubs, restaurants, shows, outdoor concerts, festivals… the nightlife is endless; you will never get bored! Madrileños always find a good excuse to get together with friends, have something to eat for dinner, have a few drinks, or go out dancing, and these plans usually last until dawn.

People in Madrid are very hospitable and friendly, they love making new friends; so, as soon as you arrive, they will make you feel at home, helping you and explaining everything you need to know to adapt to your new life in Spain.


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