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What health concerns linked with eye are considered as disability

Having good eyesight is crucial, particularly when you consider how much of your daily sensory information passes via your optic nerves. According to your line of work or whether you play hockey like the thousands who do in North America, wearing protective eyewear is crucial. In a far more practical sense, you may safeguard your eyes by purchasing eyeglasses if necessary since as we age, our eyesight does degrade. But certain vision issues are considered disabilities? Depending on where you live, if you suffer a substantial loss of eyesight, it will be a handicap.

What is Ocular hypertension?

If you have ocular hypertension and are currently experiencing eye pressure, your doctor may recommend a medicine like Travatan Z to you. Ocular hypertension may be the precursor to certain eye conditions where vision may be seriously compromised. These drugs work to normalize eye pressure, ensuring that pressure is not placed on the optical nerve, which lowers the chance of long-term vision loss. Keeping in mind, of course, that even partial blindness will prevent many people from continuing in their jobs and other ways of subsisting.

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Depending on the age, circumstances, and the rate at which their vision loss has advanced, different persons will be affected by vision loss to varying degrees. Once eyesight is lost to a certain point (with or without optic nerve damage), it can be challenging to reverse it and give the person the hope of regaining good eyesight. This is why people are encouraged to see their doctor and/or an optometrist as soon as possible once they start starting to feel something that is wrong with their eyes.

Eye health concerns are not uncommon

Findings from Seeing the Extent Health studies conducted in the USA often reveal that at least 20 million Americans over the age of 28 now have some degree of vision loss. Given that the population of Canada is around one-tenth that of the United States, we may calculate that there are perhaps 1 million Canadians who are blind. In terms of what eye conditions in the USA qualify for disability benefits, the basic rule is that if you are legally blind (vision of 20/200 or above), you should be eligible to get these payments.

From there, it will depend on whether you have a visual impairment or are blind, and as the SSA (Social Security Administration) is a federal agency, benefit coverage is available to persons regardless of the State in which they reside. To decide how much you are deemed qualified for, they will take into account your SGA (substantial gainful activity). If you do start receiving disability benefits, you may need to provide evidence of how much your bad vision prevents you from working.

Of them, glaucoma is the most prevalent and often the most serious. But the appropriate medicated eye drops make successful glaucoma treatment and prevention feasible. This may eliminate the need for you to later inquire as to whether eye conditions constitute an impairment.

The importance of peripheral vision

When a person loses eyesight, it’s often not so much that they can no longer see clearly as that they have lost their whole field of view. Peripheral vision is a word that most people are familiar with; for those who are not, it refers to your vision to the sides of your eyes. In the last half hour, you’ve probably used this image a ton of times without even realizing it. We already discussed sports, and an NFL quarterback is one professional athlete who absolutely requires having good peripheral vision.

If you’re a fan of the sport, you know that making a large gain and moving the chains depend on your ability to make a fast catch of an open receiver along the sideline as opposed to getting trampled to the ground by a 260-pound defensive end and suffering a devastating loss. Although it has nothing to do with what we’ve been discussing about whether eye conditions qualify for disability, this has everything to do with peripheral vision.

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