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What exactly is the Mintable? How to get it?

Mintable is a platform that was created on top of Ethereum that gives users the ability to create, distribute, purchase, sell, and trade digital files on the blockchain using Non-Fungible Tokens. Mintable was developed by Mintable (nfts). contact this details

Construct your goods directly on the Ethereum blockchain!

The use of smart contracts is made possible for developers by the blockchain technology underlying Ethereum. Users (those who have Ethereum wallets) are able to carry out the requested action thanks to smart contracts, which are autonomous programs that incorporate open-source code. 

Mintable is a collection of smart contracts that work together to make it possible for regular users to produce digital objects on the blockchain without the need for any prior experience with coding or programming.

You can simply transform your digital content (including file types like as jpegs, pngs, MP4s, and pdfs, amongst others) into digital things (nfts) that are stored on the blockchain by using Mintable!! 

Images, musical tracks, films, novels or books, and even more complicated digital files produced by tools such as autocad and Blender are all examples of this. 

You just need to fill in the details that describe your object, and then you may harness the Ethereum blockchain to make your digital goods available to a large number of people.

Buying digital stuff

You are able to Get Mintable market and place bids and purchases on digital things there. After being purchased, these items are added to your digital wallet where they continue to exist on the blockchain. 

All transactions are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, which provides irrefutable evidence that you are the owner while also giving the seller credit for the transaction. 

Each item comes with its own preview visual depiction, allowing you to easily identify it within your wallet. Certain digital products will have protected files (digital content) that can only be accessed by their owners. These digital files will be private.

Whenever a transaction is completed, a MINT token is added to the wallets of both the buyer and the seller. This is a collectible token that users of the Mintable DAO can use to exercise their voting rights.

Selling digital things

Mintable gives content creators the ability to generate revenue from their digital brands without requiring any initial cryptocurrency investment. 

Mintable gives you the ability to sell non-fungible tokens (nfts) for digital files, whether you are an artist, musician, cyberpunk, or work for an organization. When integrating nfts into your workflow, the only thing that will limit how you sell these digital things to the people who follow you on social media, whether they be clients or partners, is the extent of your imagination. 

For instance, a musician may make unusual album covers that are distinct from the standard art cover of a popular release. Since these uncommon album covers would be stored on the blockchain, anyone could authenticate their source of origin and the original quantity.


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