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What Does A Garden Service Mean?

All garden maintenance companies offer different cleaning packages, some may include more professional aspects, or simply limit themselves to basic work to keep green areas clean and healthy.

Maintaining green areas is not an easy task, it must be done periodically and you must be aware of the needs that the space is requesting, additionally realizing that the design is fulfilling the objective or changing it temporarily. Before starting with the gardening work, the land in which it is going to be carried out must be taken into account, verify the spaces, what materials are required, what type of grass is suitable for the place and the accessories that the place is going to have. .

It is very common that when requesting a gardening service, the company in charge offers the following options:

System pre review: This is a bit of what you read previously, the land is evaluated, the space that is available to meet or adapt the client’s objectives and the agenda is scheduled to start the project and the frequency of review of the state of the garden.

Elimination of weeds and maintenance: This includes the pruning of the green area or areas that have been implemented, the arrangement of trees, shrubs and plants, and of course the correct disinfection and fumigation of the place so that a pest or weed does not damage the rest of the work.

Safe fertilizer: This is a fundamental part of gardening services since the company in charge must ensure that the fertilizer is of optimal quality so that the grass, plants and, if necessary, the fruits grow healthy and are not damaged in the process. The base will always be important for the growth of the green area!

Prevention of possible risks: This system ensures that the sprinklers work correctly and at the right distance, as well as the repair services of water diffusers that are very similar to the first ones, but that are better suited to any type of space, and Finally, the risk with hose, which is the most used for residential complexes and traditional gardens in companies, since in this way an excess of dew on the plants is avoided and there is more precision when it comes to taking care of the place.

Garden advice: There are different garden designs, some larger and more striking, or others simpler, so the companies in charge can provide personalized advice studying what the client wants and what can really be done or modified depending on the space. .

The client can choose between aquatic or tropical gardens, between vertical or oriental, or give them their own touch.

Each garden must be built to give an air of tranquility and style to the place, also to attract the attention of external agents and to generate comfort in the people who enjoy it on a daily basis, however hiring a maintenance service to take care of the gardens should be a conscious investment and must be carried out with suitable personnel for this activity.

Do not leave your gardens in the hands of just anyone, remember that what you project on the outside is possibly what it really is on the inside.


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