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What Causes Osgood-Schlatter In Children And How To Treat It?

What is Osgood-Schlatter disease?

This is a disease that is an overuse condition. It happens when the tendon on the front side of the knee gets injured or inflamed. This tendon connects thigh muscles to your knee and shin bone. It is known as the patellar tendon as well. It supports your body and assists your overall movement. 

What causes Osgood-Schlatter in children?

This disease is often caused by the constant pulling of this tendon in the knee. It is an issue often seen among growing teens and children. This is the age where typically, bones are growing faster than tendons and muscles. Hence, as a result, the tendons and muscles get tight. 

This kind of knee pain is often seen among young athletes who play sports or games, including jumping, running, or going up and down the stairs. These include soccer, football, gymnastics, basketball, and ballet. It affects preteens and also teenage boys ages ranging from 10 to 15. 

How to spot if my child has Osgood-Schlatter knee pain?

To get this knee pain relief, you first need to know its symptoms and how to cure it. These are the most common signs of Osgood-Schlatter disease:

  • Swelling under the knee 
  • Soreness under the knee
  • Limping, which might get worse with jumping activities 

These symptoms might easily seem to be signs of other knee pains. To get proper knee pain treatment, you must consult a healthcare provider. 

When you know what causes Osgood-Schlatter in children, you are most suitable to know its cure. Your child and his doctor can come to an interaction to diagnose the disease which a complete health history, including a physical exam of the child’s knee. Your kid may also have to get an x-ray of the affected area. 

If you think the symptoms are mild and can be cured at home or if the GP has suggested your child wear a knee brace to let the knee heal fully, then wearing a knee brace is ideal. You can get your perfectly shaped knee brace suitable for this disease to support the knee and its attached inflamed tendons. 

A brace may protect your child’s knee from further damage and allow it to heal in the time given. If you are looking for the ideal knee brace size for your child, you can get them at WorldBrace.com. They are offering all sizes, shapes, and designs of knee braces. These knee braces are made of a lightweight material called neoprene that allows you to live a normal life and let your kid enjoy a safe childhood. 

The goal of having a knee pain treatment begins with eradicating all the factors causing it. You can get the best quality knee brace from Worldbrace.com. They offer you the lightest of the weight of braces to be worn easily in everyday life and to get rid of the pains. So now you know what causes Osgood-Schlatter in children and how to cure it, and hence you can give your kid the relief you were looking for.


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