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What Bathroom Vanity Is Right for You?

Here are several bathroom vanities that are not only appealing to the sight but also functionally strong. Despite the fact that bathrooms are such small rooms, there are many ways to add flair and storage to this space. Here are some suggestions and possibilities for bathroom vanities that may be used to achieve either the desired aesthetic or usefulness.

Vessel Vanity

A floating vanity is wall-mounted and lacks any stands or base support, as the name suggests. Due to the floating designs giving you a little additional space beneath, it tends to give the impression of a larger bathroom with more open space. Hey, that is a perfect spot to store new towels in jute baskets or your bathroom slippers.

Open vanity

Open vanities, as the name indicates, are often just simple shelves and lack any drawers or cupboards. If you do not need to store a lot, this is a decent option. Use the shelves to store your needs, such as towels and other bathroom necessities. Jute baskets, in our opinion, are underutilized in our bathrooms. Utilize them to hold tiny accessories like combs, hairbrushes, and other accessories.

For open-design vanities, stone materials, particularly granite and marble, are popular alternatives. This granite vanity, perched on the plinth, combines the open and floating principles. It provides you with plenty of storage space and is also stylish and low-maintenance.

Compact Form

A practical answer for bathrooms with limited space is a tiny vanity that fits into a single sink. It optimizes storage capacity and lessens clutter thanks to its numerous compartments and drawers. Since the vanity is on the floor, you also have more bottom room. Black pull-out drawers contrast with the white sink. The steel faucet further streamlines the overall appearance.

Vanity with Cabinet Towers

Cabinet towers elevate the standard vanity storage to a whole new level by providing plenty of built-in room for everything. Two symmetrical storage towers are positioned on either side of the marble backsplash in the image above. Even open and closed shelves might be added. Stack the products in the locked cupboards and place potpourri and aromatherapy candles on the open shelves.

Pedestal Vanity

being unable to use a close-up mirror to inspect your face for new wrinkles or to shave? Afterward, free-standing vanities are ideal for you! In order to tuck your toes in and get up close to the mirror, they include an additional recess underneath the vanity cabinet. The traditional brown free-standing vanity has several storage areas in addition to a lacquered appearance.

Him and her

For most married people, this must be their ideal situation! And one that women are likely to want more than men, in my opinion. If you do not want to deal with the mess that develops on your partner’s side every morning, making the investment in these is absolutely worth the hassle. You have twice as much storage with the free-standing twin vanities as well.

Powder Room Vanity

If you do not have much room, you may use the vanity as a dresser. The charming white vanity uses a simple, straight-lined sink to provide room for a dresser. The device tucks neatly under the tabletop. This space functions as a single entity thanks to the entire mirror. And the crystal pendant gives the all-white design a dash of glitz.


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