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6 Best Subscription Boxes for Outdoor Kids

Children need a lot of play for them to grow well and have a good and prosperous childhood. When you think about your childhood activities, you will likely have fond memories involving outdoor activities and play. Even indoors, you were likely to simulate an outdoor activity that helped you visualize the fun you were having.

In modern times, various tools available to children can allow them to have the fun they need as they grow older. Some of these tools are subscription boxes. Here are some of the best subscription boxes children can use outdoors. 

  1. Wanlow Subscription Boxes 

When you think about subscription boxes, the company that comes to mind is BattlBox. While BattlBox has managed to secure the subscription box market for outdoor adventures that adults can enjoy, the company has also curated some outdoor subscription boxes for kids under the auspices of the brand name Wanlow. These subscription boxes come with a wide range of services for children of all ages. Therefore, if you have a child who can comfortably enjoy outdoor activities even with little supervision, getting a Wanlow subscription box will go a long way towards building the children’s creative minds and equipping them for outdoor fun. 

  1. Sago Mini Subscription Box 

Sago Mini Subscription Box is another selection you can try out if you want to give your child a rich and wholesome outdoor experience. While the company has originally solidified its position in the iPad game, where it makes applications for children to tinker with, it has also attempted to build itself in the arena for subscription boxes for children. From the vast experience the company has in providing solutions for children, you can be confident their subscription boxes are fun to play with.

What makes this subscription box stand out from many others is the thematic setup it employs. The subscription boxes follow a thematic approach such that the games are in a particular theme. The advantage of this is that the outdoor activities can be fun for all children regardless of their interests since every child will find a theme they relate with. 

  1. KiwiCo Kids Subscription Boxes 

The following company on the list is the KiwiCo subscription box. These boxes are ideal for fun outdoor activities for children of all ages and all interests. The company has identified that the best way to keep children intrigued and entertained in their different outdoor activities is by tailoring the subscription boxes to fit the age groups of the children. As such, the company has developed subscription boxes targeted to children based on age, allowing children who have outgrown certain activities to try out new exciting options. 

  1. Bitsbox Basic Box 

Children develop their interests at a tender age. Thus, if you want to equip your children with skills that may increase their interest in different activities, you can use subscription boxes to guide them in that direction. Bitsbox Basic Box provides children with diverse technical skills, which increase the ability of the children to explore and pursue a career in science and technology. The subscription box has different technology-related activities and will serve your children in the long run.

  1. Think Outside Subscription Box 

Just as the name of the subscription box suggests, this option is tailored to provide the children with different tools and gear that allow them to be equipped for any outdoor activity. As you may well be aware, outdoor activities require excellent preparation and many tools to keep you prepared. Think Outside Subscription Box teaches the children these very instrumental skills through simulated challenges and tools tailored for all outdoor activities. Thus, if you get the subscription box throughout the year, you will get different monthly kits which vary from month to month based on the themes of the specific months. 

  1. Get Outside Club 

Lastly, the Get Outside Club kits provides children with an opportunity to enjoy three activities in one: scavenger hunt, part escape room, and part mystery. As such, if your children enjoy solving mysteries and providing solutions to challenging problems, the Get Outside Club kits will be good for them. Each of the kits has a unique challenge to try out. All the challenges will help your child develop a keen intellectual capacity and attention to detail which will benefit them in the long haul.

Wrapping It Up 

When children are limited to playing indoors for a longer duration, it may impede their ability to learn how to interact with other children and hinder their interpersonal and social interaction skills. As such, children need to learn how to play with others outdoors. Using the subscription boxes listed above, you can find options to help your child learn from outdoor activities, build their interpersonal relations and character, develop both physically and mentally, and have loads of fun. Try out these subscription boxes as soon as you can.


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