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What Are the Most Common MS Outlook Errors?

If you’re using MS Outlook as the primary email client for your business, you might face some situations when you won’t be able to send or receive emails. This will undoubtedly become a serious concern for most Outlook users. As soon as you face MS Outlook errors, you might start looking for methods that will help you fix the issue. If you’re facing outlook errors, most of them can be resolved by just restarting the MS Outlook and system, using the ScanPST recovery tool, checking the account settings, etc. However, some specific problems are more severe that require explicit methods to solve them. 

In this article, we will share some common MS Outlook problems, errors, and their causes. There are various ways MS Outlook errors can take place. When you know about the causes of the errors, you will be able to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Make sure you read the article to the end. 

Outlook Connection Error – Invalid Name of the Target Machine 

While using MS Outlook, you might face a Connection Error sometimes. The primary cause behind the Connection Error is the improper entry of the target machine. Apart from that, using an incorrect IP address can also cause the Connection Error. 

Sometimes, the different types of errors in MS Outlook come with a specific error code that will help you understand the situation. These error codes feature an alphanumeric structure which might seem complicated. As a result, users end up facing problem-solving MS Outlook errors. If you want to fix the errors, make sure you use the outlook repair tool. There are some common error messages such as 0x80070002, 0x8000CCC0F, and 0x8004210B MS Outlook users can face. 

Error 0x800700002

Corruption of the Outlook data files or the PST files is the primary cause of this Outlook error. This is because PST files are something where MS Outlook stores all the mailbox items as well as attachments. When the PST files which are associated with the MS Outlook account face corruption, you will undoubtedly receive the 0x800700002 error.

If you want to solve this error, you need to repair the PST file corruption. Instead of relying upon the ScanPST tool to fix the corrupted PST, you need to use a professional third-party PST recovery tool. 

0x8004210B – Sending Report Error 

The sending report error, also known as the 0x8004210B, is capable of indicating that the remote server of the MS Outlook account is not capable of fetching the relevant instruction properly and quickly. Most of the time, users will receive this error while receiving or sending emails. Apart from that, other possible reasons that can cause this error are virus intrusion, Windows registry, and installation errors. As per Stay Safe Online, hackers use virus to steal personal information.

Error 0x800CCC0F

This is one of the most common MS Outlook errors that will occur when users try to receive or send emails on their MS Outlook accounts. Various causes might trigger this error. Keep in mind that this error is also one of the trickiest to solve. Some of the common and possible causes of this error are PST corruption, blocking of firewall between server and MS Outlook, and internet connection issues. 

0x8000ccc19 – Time-Out Error 

Another common MS Outlook error that you can face is the time-out error. One of the most common reasons behind the time-out errors is improper POP or SMTP port value. If you need to configure the Outgoing SMTP server to prove effective without the support of encryption, the timeout error will undoubtedly take place. Apart from that, the improper value of the port number can also cause this error. Other causes of this error might include firewall settings, improper system files, internet connectivity issues, etc. 

Outlook Data File – Access Denied 

Sometimes the MS Outlook application will fail to access the data files. This situation happens when the user tries to open the MS Outlook data file on the other systems. However, you will be able to solve this situation while using some common yet effective methods such as altering the original location of the MS Outlook data files, opening MS Outlook with admin privileges, etc. 

Unable to Access MS Outlook Attachments 

Attachments errors are one of the most common and frequent issues that MS Outlook users face all the time. Most of the time, MS Outlook blocks and prevents access to the attachments from the unknown sender to ensure proper data security. Apart from that, MS Outlook can also block the attachments due to suspicious file formats, unrecognized attachments, and corrupted files. 

0x8004210a – POP Server Timeout Error 

This error primarily happens due to the incorrect timeout settings of the POP server. If you need to know more, remember that MS Outlook is dependent on a pre-defined period that will allow users receive or send messages. When you try to receive or send a massive number of email emails, MS Outlook will throw a 0x8004210a server timeout error. 


These are the most common MS Outlook errors you need to know. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you let us know by commenting down below. 

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