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What Are The Core Elements of Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a combat sport whose surging popularity makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking forward to physical, emotional, and mental fitness. As you look for kickboxing classes in San Diego, you might need to understand a few kickboxing basics. The following are key insights into the three core elements of kickboxing: boxing, kicking, and combined punches and kicks.


Boxing requires you to strike with your hands. It implies that you must turn your fists and arms into weapons and shields, generating force to injure your opponent. This skill is natural, making it the go-to option for most beginners. Besides, every instructor recommends that you start by training your fists and arms.

Various punches are used in kickboxing, including jab, straight right hand, left hook, right hook, left uppercut, and right uppercut. While a jab aims at your opponent’s nose, a hook punch goes to their face, whether to the left or right. An uppercut is thrown by your right or left hand, traveling up from the floor.

You must understand when to use a particular punch. Usually, instructors will help you identify an excellent strategy in such instances.


Kicking is another core element of kickboxing that involves striking your opponent with your feet. You will also use your shins as spears and swords during the fight. In most cases, this option suffices in a long-range battle where you have to strike your opponent’s ribcage, neck, legs, and head.

Kicking requires you to lean backward to reach and extend your legs. This leaning provides you with sufficient room and energy to attack your opponent. At the same time, you’ll choose from four basic kicks: left foot jab, right foot jab, roundhouse kick, and right roundhouse kick.

The left jab is often thrown to your competitor’s chest. In this case, you will use your left foot, where your knee must be significantly raised. It is similar to the right jab, which relies on the right foot to effect the impact. On the other hand, roundhouse kicks rely on the shins to strike the opponent, either with the left or the right foot. It often targets the opponent’s legs, rib cage, or head.

Combined Punches and Kicks

There are instances when you will have to combine kicking and boxing. This element is referred to as combined punches and kicks. It requires you to use your boxing and kicking skills to strike your opponent smoothly and seamlessly.

This technique requires you to have excellent boxing and kicking skills, meaning it is reserved for experts in the field. Remember, this is not about kicking and then boxing. Instead, you must understand how to kick and throw punches simultaneously. You’ll need an experienced and skilled instructor to help you build these skills.

Finding an excellent kickboxing instructor is the first step toward succeeding in this field. This professional will help you understand the various techniques used to achieve the best results in a fight. Fortunately, the insights above prepare you for what to expect during the training.


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