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What Are Marketing Metrics, and How Do You Track Them?

Do you have an effective marketing strategy for your small business? And if so, are you tracking your digital marketing metrics to make sure that your efforts and marketing dollars are worth it?

You may be wondering: What are marketing metrics? And how do I track them? If you are hoping to learn more about how to increase sales by streamlining and optimizing your marketing methods by tracking your results, keep reading.

What Are Marketing Metrics?

When creating a marketing plan, you need to have clear goals and a tracking strategy to see if you are having success with your marketing efforts. You need to be able to prove that your marketing efforts are performing well in order to know that you are getting a return on your marketing investment. This will ensure that the marketing content that you are creating and allocating funds to is paying off.

To have a successful marketing plan you need clear goals and a plan of action. Then, you will need to track, measure, and document the results of each marketing campaign. Measuring your marketing metrics is a long-term process, as you will need to see the ways that your campaigns progress or decline over time.

The metrics that you use to track the success of your campaigns will differ depending on the type of marketing campaign you are launching. It will also depend on what platform you are using, and what the purpose or goal of the campaign is. Preferred marketing metrics will also differ to meet the goals of each unique company.

Setting and Tracking Your Key Marketing Metrics

As we stated above, your plan for tracking your marketing metrics will be unique to your business. However, there are some key steps that any business can take to get started. First, you will want to make sure that your business goals align with the marketing campaigns you are launching.

Then, you will want to track each campaign keeping this goal in mind. Over time, you can use the metric data you collect to streamline and improve each marketing effort for optimal results. You need your marketing metrics to directly link to your intended goal and outcome.

Once you have determined your goals, you can begin finding ways to best achieve them which will allow you to create a marketing strategy. It’s best to keep your marketing metrics and goals very specific rather than attempting to achieve a handful of goals within one singular marketing ad or campaign.

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Creating and Tracking Marketing Metrics

Now that you no longer have to wonder “What are marketing metrics?”, you can begin to plan and create your own marketing strategies. Use this guide to help you get started when it comes to tracking and analyzing your marketing metrics for the best results.

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