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Ways to Design Custom Cardboard Boxes

This has become a popular choice among retail and manufacturing industries. The reasons are:

  • Product Safety

Product safety is an important matter to consider. Custom cardboard lets you choose the kind of box you desire as per your safety requirements. This comes with protection against all sorts of shocks and vibrations during the process of shipping. The thick durable nature ensures that your product stays put.

  • Well-Organized Structure

Designing your cardboard boxes brings in the occasion to get innovative. Demonstration of this effort will help enhance the package’s professional essence. You can also use this opportunity to convey valuable information proficiently.

  • Cost-efficiency

While the average packaging options might appear to be pricey, cardboard packaging confirms its absolute affordability. The materials used to structure the boxes come at nominal prices.

  • Sustainability

The trends used to manufacture cardboard boxes are ecologically friendly, enabling the reduction of carbon footprints. These are completely recyclable. This factor optimizes its sustainability.

  • Brand Endorsement

Customized packages unintendedly endorse the brand. Every box with the company’s logo and the color combination creates an impact among consumers. As your brand starts becoming familiar and reputed, only a glimpse of its illustration is enough to get your customers hooked on your product.

  • Great for Competition

It is a great way to get your product noticed. It can be used to increase the perceived value of your product, and it can also be used to make your product stand out from the competition.

Don’t Make These Mistakes While Designing

Packaging designs make a big difference in the customer’s perception of a brand itself. It could either be a good or a bad difference. Packaging issues can potentially annoy the customers and hence create an undesirable impression of the company. These oversights should not be overlooked.

  1. User-Friendliness

Excessive packaging dissatisfies the customer as it fails to provide user-friendliness. It might turn out to frustrate them.

Complexity in opening the package potentially frustrates the customer.

The product must be intuitive in every aspect.

  • Unprofessional Look

Typographical errors make the brand seem unprofessional which makes customers disregard it. Illegible prints further add to this setback.

Exaggerated designs are not the best way to achieve a prospective customer’s attention as it equips the brand with unprofessionalism.

  • Insufficient Product Protection

This mistake is to be avoided strictly as inadequate protection ruins your product, imprinting a bad remark of it on your buyers.

  • Generic Design

A product design ought to be captivating and memorable. Generic designs don’t help with it. It is necessary to come up with an innovative yet decent look for your brand to be able to register its impression on your consumer.

  • Incorrect box designs

Wasted space in a box deludes the customer into visualizing a different image of the product. This is not a desirable way to attain a customer’s approval.

Mind these factors before customizing your cardboard boxes to avoid probable dissatisfaction from your customer’s end.


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