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VMware IT Certification Guide: Overview and Its Significance

VMware IT Certifications will provide you with the required skills to start your career in the growing field. There are many ways to make it through the vendor certifications and choose which path is right for you. Many people take an entry-level certification and then move up to more advanced paths later in their careers. 

What Are VMware IT Certifications?

VMware IT certifications are offered in several different areas, including virtualisation, cloud management, network management, and more. Certifications are designed for IT professionals who want to develop their skills, find new ways to demonstrate those skills and prove their knowledge in industry-standard benchmarks. To get the certificate, you have to give VMware foundation exam.

Benefits For VMware IT Certifications

There are many reasons to pursue VMware training, including:

  • Enhance your skills and credentials
  • Demonstrate your ability to implement VMware’s best practices and deliver virtual and cloud infrastructure.
  • Prepare for the future of IT with VMware’s latest technologies – get certified early to gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.
  • Stand out from the crowd at your company or on a job application. 

Certification Benefits for IT Professionals:

Experts estimate that the average salary for a VMware Certified Professional is over $100,000, demonstrating the value that organisations see in these skills. 

Being certified also allows you to stand out from other job applicants who don’t have certifications — which means you’re likely to get hired faster than people who apply without these credentials.

Certification Benefits for Organisations

Organisations who invest in their employees through certification programs also see a return on that investment — because once certified, these employees are better equipped to do their jobs and make measurable contributions to the company’s bottom line. That means IT professionals, with VMware certifications significantly impact organisational performance, and they can help companies achieve better results with less effort.

How To Get VMware IT Certifications

There are several ways to get VMware certifications:

• VMware Certified Professional – This is the entry-level certification that most IT professionals take. It demonstrates your ability to implement VMware technologies in vSphere environments and allows you to apply skills in cloud and virtual desktop architectures.

VMware Certified Instructor – This is the intermediate-level certification available for those with experience working with vSphere environments. The VMware Certified Instructor course contents are based on VMware’s introductory courses, but the exam is more advanced than the one required for a VMware VCP.

VMware Certified Advanced Professional – This is the highest level of certification for those with experience in implementing vSphere environments and working with VMware NSX certification and vCloud Director.

VMware Certified Design Expert – Designed for architects, this certification assesses your ability to plan, design, and manage complex virtualized and cloud environments.

Other certifications within VMware’s portfolio include specialised certifications that               validate expertise in specific areas:

  • VMware Certified Associate – Data Centre Virtualization (VCA-DCV): VCA-DCV validates your ability to establish a virtualized data centre.
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP): VCAP validates your ability to establish and manage an enterprise virtualized data centre (SCVDC, vCenter & vSphere)
  • VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX): VCDX validates your ability to design and implement a VMware environment that meets the highest requirements of the industry.
  • VMware also offers many other certification programs and services: Certification programs include Data Centre Infrastructure and Design, vCloud Director, Site Recovery Manager, NSX, vSphere Data Protection Technical Associate (vDPTA), Administrators and Developers with Windows Server 2012 R2 Certification, Windows 7/8/8.1 Deployment Exam Preparation Program.


VMware certifications are a useful way to demonstrate your competence and knowledge in one of the most popular IT spaces. VMware certifications are also a way to get ahead in your career and stand out from the crowd at work.

Some may find certification difficult or expensive. It is better to be aware of your options before selecting one. But if you think this might be for you, then take the time now to select which certification is best for you and start your certification journey.

VMware certifications require practice and preparation. It is important to have a study plan and remain focused on the end goal. Also, make sure to have a training course planned so that you have guidance and direction.


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