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Virtual Team Building: Every Activity You Can Indulge In With Your Cloud Team

Virtual team building signifies creating personal bonds among your remote staff associates. Developing such bonds not only encourages team balance, but can also even assist in streamlining contact and increasing productivity. 

Besides, if your company functions across multiple continents with thousands of employees, virtual activities are imperative to stay connected and get to know each other. And the best way to connect remote teams is to assist them to feel noticed and heard, directly and in courses that instantly address the challenges of a dispersed workforce.

So, how are you supposed to do that? Well, we have put together a few fun virtual team building activities in Singapore to help you overcome such hurdles. Have a look to know them.

  1. Connect over group chat 

Group chat is an excellent way for dispersed teams to stay in touch, but who voices that you should keep it precisely related to business? Besides exchanging notes, working remotely, and general work-related discussions, there are a lot more things that can be done using group chat. For example, your crew can communicate about lunch, have public conversations off the office, and connect with each other. 

Let us just remind you, psychologically, interacting and conversing about regular activities tend to create an emotional connection that improves overall productivity. 

  1. Develop your professional skill sets concurrently with “Learning Circles” 

It’s easy to get so hooked up in the running of your job that you overlook expanding your horizons, mainly when functioning from home with no office gagging occurring around you. Plus, remote jobs can be isolating if you don’t create a point to click with your teammates personally.

Creating learning circles can help solve such problems. All you need is to decide a fun topic for virtual team building activities in Singapore and find colleagues who share that interest. Next what? Gather and learn.  

  1. A lightning contest of mini-games 

Mini-game contests can be one of the most effortless and most entertaining virtual team building activities in Singapore. It’s a beautiful way to add additional flavor to your virtual crew lunches or kill a few minutes while you’re pausing for people to dip in at the start of a meeting.

  1. Have an online lunch date 

In a year where real-world meet ups can cost you as expensive as your life, an online lunch date can emerge as a star in both cases. So, having merely 10 to 15 minutes to spare? No worries. Virtual coffee dates and virtual happy hours are fun take-ups on this activity.

Final Words

Despite being one of the foremost needs of the hour, virtual bonding is often looked down upon. However, make sure you aren’t one of those people; otherwise, you might not just create a communication drift but end up losing your overall business productivity. 

So, take up fun activities from time to time to catch up with your team and bond with them. Besides the list above, you can run many other activities that gel well with the participants to fetch your goal immediately.


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