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Using Instagram For Business: 6 Tips That You Need To Note Down!

This post is dedicated to those who are using Instagram for business! We hope this article will help you decide if using Instagram for your business could be a worthwhile investment.

1. Promote Event-Specific Hashtags

You should and can set up Instagram campaigns that encourage people to like your posts before, during, or after an event. You can set up “likes” as a form of registration which will only accept users who’ve already gotten the chance to see what’s being offered by running around the event or have gotten special invitations to attend. This is an affordable way to invite more people into the event, build anticipation and excitement in your community and maybe even get a few new ambassadors excited about attending next time around.

2. Create Videos to Promote the Event

For events that you’re promoting through Instagram, it’s a good idea to consider creating a video promoting the event. This might include clips of your speakers sharing their ideas or promotional clips showing off your brand or products. If you don’t have much money to spend on content creation, consider outsourcing videos of your attendees sharing important lessons learned at the event.

3. Designate Specific Hashtags to be Used for Promoting Events

Give each member in your audience a unique hashtag to use when talking about an upcoming event. This will help your audience and followers know who is participating in the event and give them a chance to follow that person on Instagram. Make sure to use this hashtag in any event-related posts, so that everyone can help promote the event for you and you can have a better chance at getting more diverse impressions.

4. Run Contests About Your Event as an Excitement Builder

Even if you’re holding an event, you can still create excitement with contests that invite people to share their excitement and experiences before, during, or after the event. You could have photo contests where users submit pictures of themselves or their favourite moments; video contests where they share stories about what they learned or did on Instagram; or short story contests where they go into detail about their experiences.

5. Encourage Attendees to Use Your Hashtag and Join in the Conversation

Promote event-specific hashtags to your audience using a variety of different methods. Social media campaigns, celebrity endorsements, badges on your website, email messages (make sure you use your event hashtag in the signature of all emails sent out about the upcoming event) and social media conversations are all great ways to get people involved. For an added boost of enthusiasm, give away small prizes for those who use your hashtag most often.

6. Reshare, Repost, and Regram Content Published by Event Attendees

After the event is over, take posts shared by event attendees and repost them on your account. This will help to ensure that their voices are not lost in the world of Instagram and will also help to grow your audience by bringing them new content they may have missed otherwise. You could even share the same post at different times of the day to maximize audience reach.


Even though Instagram is one of the less-well-known social media platforms, it’s a powerful tool that can be used effectively to build a brand and engage an audience.

Using Instagram for business is definitely a viable option after all, right? 


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