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Useful Samsung Phone hacks by Samsung repair center in Boise

Samsung’s dominance in the US smartphone market clearly indicates consumer preferences. There is a good reason why Samsung mobile devices are among the most popular cell phones on the market today. It is simple for anyone, from students to business owners to independent contractors, to take advantage of their numerous benefits. You can’t go wrong with any of your gadgets, but there are times when you might want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of Samsung phones.

Samsung mobile devices at Samsung repair center Boise are both high-quality and versatile. They have the most advanced camera technology of any smartphone, and their images are on par with the best digital cameras on the market. They’re small but powerful, have the best displays, and feature cutting-edge technology.

In addition to their popularity and strength, Samsung devices have several valuable tricks you should try. Let’s check out these hacks!

Useful Samsung Phone hacks by Samsung repair center in Boise

Create animated GIFs from your favorite YouTube videos.

GIFs can be created from any YouTube video currently playing on a Samsung Galaxy phone without any additional apps. If you have a Galaxy phone from 2017 or later bought from a cell phone repair store in Boise, you can use the Smart Select app instead.

To use Smart Select, open the YouTube app and play a video. Swiping in from the right on a Galaxy phone or removing the S Pen from a Note device will bring up the Air Command Menu. To continue, select the GIF Animation option. Place the frame box where you want it, play the video, and press Record to save the current frame—finally, select Stop to save the GIF to your device’s Gallery. You can use this archive as a starting point to export the file for use in other programs, then send it to others the same way you would send a picture.

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Reminder Calls

For the forgetful, reminder calls are a lifesaver. And the Reminders app on Samsung phones has a few unique features.

For starters, bookmarking websites can serve as constant reminders. Launch Samsung Internet, select the menu (three dots in the upper right), Share, and Reminder. Another option is to receive text message alerts: To save a conversation for later use, open Messages, hold down on the conversation, and then select Message > Send to Reminder.

Change the split mode of the screen.

The cell phone repair center reveals that the split-screen mode on many Android phones allows you to view multiple applications simultaneously. However, Samsung’s operating system has gone beyond this for some time now, allowing you to pin a specific area of an app in split-screen modes, such as a video, a chunk of your Twitter feed, or a segment of a map. As a result, the video will remain at the top of the screen while you work on other content beneath it.

Keep data and programmes hidden.

The Secure Folder software, which comes standard with Samsung Galaxy phones, can be compared to a password-protected digital safe. You may secure your private applications and folders here using a password, PIN, or fingerprint scan.


Samsung offers several phone models, but the Galaxy Series available at Samsung repair center Boise is one of the greatest. It is waterproof so you may use it in the rain or swimming. It also offers crisp camera functions, allowing you to capture beautiful photos. So these hacks are a cherry on top of all the Samsung advantages.


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