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Best Deer Feeders to Get In 2022

One of humankind’s most essential and ancient traditions is hunting. Before hunting became a sport primarily, it was a way of life. Additionally, many lures and bait have been used in hunting for hundreds of years.  

Hunting today plays various roles, including demanding recreation, a reliable source of food, a means to get close to nature, and many others.  

If you’re lucky to live in a place that allows deer feed for hunting, an automatic deer feeder can be an excellent addition to your hunting kit. 

Deer feeders are great tools for hunting, herd health, population control, and wildlife observation. The primary purpose of deer feeders is to attract and keep game on your land or property. Considering their effectiveness, practicality, and dependability, game feeders are now much sought after by hunters. 

Here is the list of the best deer feeders in 2022 to move your hunting to the next level. 

Tectonic Daytime Deadfall Feeder 

The Tectonic Daytime Deadfall Feeder is one of the best deer trough feeder that takes about 15 minutes to set up. It is accessible and can contain unto 350Lb of feed. Depending on how much feed is required, one can choose 5, 10, 15, or 20 seconds when setting the timer for up to four feeding sessions per day.  

Some unique features of the Tectonic Daytime Deadfall Feeder are listed below. 

  • Waterproof: Rain cannot enter the feeder while the doors are closed because of the rubber flashing on the top. The Gull Wing Door is fashioned to let in as little rain as possible when the doors are open, protecting the feeding area. 
  • Durable: The deer feeder has undergone extensive product testing over the past five years and was molded from high-density polypropylene. 
  • Capacity: A 350-pound feed capacity allows hunters to catch numerous deer to eat at once. 
  • Automatic: This feeder, one of the first of its kind, has automatic lids that may be set to open and close as often as twice daily, depending on usage. As the length of the day changes throughout the year, you may also vary the open and close times. 
Free Two Brown Deers Eating Grass Stock Photo

The TreeHugger Gravity Deer Feeder by Wildgame Innovations 

This is a low-maintenance deer feeder from Wildgame Innovations for wildlife enthusiasts on a budget. The heavy-duty buckle and straps that come with the TREEHUGGER allow it to be fixed to a tree. The feed falls from the bottom and lowers using gravity, naturally replenishing as the deer eat it. No hardware, batteries, or digital settings are required. 

TREEHUGGER gravity deer feeder is highly portable that one can move around. This feeder weighs only 5 pounds and can hold up to 100 pounds of feed. The roll-top sealed closure shields the deer feed from rain and is made of flexible and weatherproof vinyl (PVC) plastic.  

Banks Outdoors Gravity Fed Deer and Game Feeders 

One can create the ideal eating environment for deer by putting this gravity feeder on a pole about 4 to 5 feet above the ground. The design of the feeder mounted on a single post prevents it from getting in the way of bucks’ antlers, unlike tripod feeders. 

The green feeder mixes well with outdoor greenery and is made from thick, sturdy polyethylene plastic. In addition, this deer feeder is weatherproof, which keeps the meal dry. The hopper loads from the top and can carry 150 pounds of corn or protein feed for deer. Besides, it is raccoon-proof, thanks to its sturdy top and locking mechanism. 

However, it is crucial to adjust the ports as the feed might fall into the feeding ports by itself. Users can control the amount of feed that discharges from the hopper, increasing or decreasing feed flow by adjusting the ports. 

Moultrie Unlimited Tripod Deer Feeder 

This Moultrie tripod feeder is programmable and may deliver food up to six times each day at intervals of one to twenty seconds. Operation is made simpler with the EasySet digital timer. 

Users no longer need to dig a post into the ground or look for a tree limb with the perfect height for this feeder. All you need to do is install the feeder’s legs and change their length from 512 feet to 8 feet as required. The 30-gallon hopper can then be attached using the quick-lock mechanism. 

The feeder is powered by a 6-volt battery, which uses a spinner to broadcast the feed. The Backspin technology automatically reverses the spin when the feeder detects a clog. Additionally, users can edit the funnel’s settings to change the flow for various feed or pellets. 

Redneck Outdoors T-Post Gravity Feeder 

The deer are fed by gravity through a single 4-inch by 5-inch feeding slot with a REDNEK deer feeder. The hopper can accommodate 80 pounds of feed and has a safety lid that is simple to remove for top-filling. 

Hunters can mount this feeder on a fencing T-post using the V-groove on the back. It can also be fastened to a tree using the concave rear, which features grooves for ratchet straps. 

The resilient polyethylene hopper is inclement weatherproof. It has a 34-inch to 60-inch height adjustment from the top of the hopper to the bottom of the feeding tube. 

Bottom line 

The feeders on the list come in a range of styles and dimensions. They vary in hopper capacity and installation techniques, suitable for consumers with a wide range of needs. However, remember to choose durable products made from long-lasting materials for the best results. 


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