Already this year, many of our long-term plastic bag customers are looking to transition from plastic to printed Paper Retail Bags. As public awareness of the detrimental impact that plastic has on our oceans and environment rises as a result of programmers like BBC’s Blue Planet, more and more companies (and individuals) are considering making the move in order to limit the amount of single-use plastic that we toss away.

Prime Minister Theresa May recently unveiled the government’s 25-year strategy to restore the natural environment by eliminating all avoidable plastic trash in the United Kingdom by 2042. Some have criticized her suggestion as not being bold or urgent enough to address the plastic catastrophe – but whatever you think of her approach, what’s vital is that significant action is required to eliminate unnecessary plastic production.

Theresa May termed plastic waste “one of the great environmental scourges of our day” in her speech, adding that “the quantity of single-use plastic wasted every year in the UK alone would fill 1,000 Royal Albert Halls.”

Plans to dramatically minimize the environmental impact of single-use plastic include:

Requesting that supermarkets build “plastic-free aisles” so that customers can do their part to assist the oceans.

Consider imposing a tax on all single-use plastics, such as disposable cups, cutlery, and straws.

Launch a £10 million scheme to pay for kids to visit wildlife places in order to educate and create awareness about the environmental impact of plastic.

Announce plans to deploy £13 billion in foreign aid to help clean up beaches and oceans.

The intention to extend the 5p charge on plastic bags to cover smaller stores and corner shops is essential to us here at The Printed Bag Shop. When the 5p levy was first implemented, retailers with less than 250 employees were given the option of charging it to their consumers or not. These merchants will now have to charge for single-use plastic bags, regardless of size. This has prompted several of our clients to inquire about paper bag alternatives to their standard order, in order to avoid passing on the expense to their consumers, as well as the additional administration that comes with the charge, as well as the apparent environmental benefits.

Many major UK retailers are fully eliminating single-use plastic bags. Switching from single-use plastic bags to bags-for-life is a positive step toward reducing plastic waste; these Flexi loop plastic bags are frequently the product of choice. However, switching from plastic to printed Paper Retail Bags will have a greater impact on reducing plastic waste.

What Are the Advantages of Using Printed Paper Retail Bags?

Retail Bags decompose in the environment (if not laminated)

Paper Retail Bags can be returned to paper mills and recycled into new paper.

They are less hazardous to children’s play and pose less harm to our wildlife.

Paper Retail Bags can aid in the conversion of organic waste into high-quality compost.

At The Printed Bag Shop, we make every effort to minimise our environmental effect through our goods, services, and business practices. We provide a variety of printed Paper Retail Bags to assist you in making the transition to paper in your packaging solutions.

Our flat handle and twisted handle Paper Retail Bags are the best choice for printed bags that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Take a Look at Our Favorite Printed Paper Retail Bags

Paper Retail Bags with Flat Handles

These flat handle Paper Retail Bags, most widely known as takeaway bags, can be used for so much more and are an excellent choice for the corner shop, pharmacy, orbits and bobs business. This low-cost printed paper bag is excellent value for money, and it is also rather sturdy.

You may have your logo or design printed in spot colour or full colour, and when combined with our experienced design service, you will have a cost-effective marketing tool that is both attractive and environmentally friendly.

These paper carrier bags are 100% biodegradable and produced from FSC certified 80gm Kraft paper. There is a size and design to fit every business, and they are available in a variety of sizes with either external or interior handles, allowing you to transition from plastic to printed Paper Retail Bags.

Paper Retail Bags with Twisted Handles

Fashion businesses, gift shops, and department stores frequently use these twisted handle Paper Retail Bags. This bag is ideal if you want customers to understand your store’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Our twisted handle Paper Retail Bags are an excellent substitute for plastic bags for your clients’ purchases. This is the ideal bag for your business if you want to demonstrate your dedication to helping eliminate the world of plastic waste while also providing them with a nice bag to take home.

Again, you can have your logo or design printed in spot colours or full colour on FSC certified 100gm Kraft paper with the assistance of our design staff. Customers will appreciate these 100% biodegradable bags, which come in a variety of sizes and are robust and reusable

Sandwich Bags with Printing

If you own a deli or sandwich shop, printed paper sandwich bags are a better option for the environment than plastic sandwich packing, and you can advertise your brand at the same time!

These bags have a minimum order of 10,000 units, however, they are an excellent method to promote your company, package your product, and reduce your firm’s plastic use.

When you have an appealing brand design on your sandwich bags, you increase your chances of reaching a big client base, which is especially important for sandwich businesses located near large workplaces, railway stations, and on the main street. The Printed Bag Shop can provide you with printed sandwich bags in a completely customizable design at an affordable price.


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