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Use these effective ways to protect your car from rain

How To Protect Your Car From Rain – Keep Your Vehicle Water Proof This Rainy Season

Rain can wreak havoc on your car causing everything from ruined paint to corrosion and rust. It is important to keep your car waterproof, staying away from the damaging effects of rain during the monsoon season. Heavy duty waterproof car covers are the best way to prevent your car from getting drenched in the rain or snow. They are widely available at the best car accessories stores in your locality or online.

Read on to discover the easiest ways how to protect your car from rain.

Tips on keeping your car protected from the rain

Staying protected from the rain will keep your car’s paint in good condition, prevent stains on the glass areas and don’t allow rust or corrosion to eat away metal body panels. Plastic trim also remains shiny when protected from water damage.

Have a look at the following tips and tricks to waterproof your vehicle this rainy season.

Park your car indoors

A well-ventilated garage is perfect to keep your car away from water damage. Look for a covered parking area whenever you can because the elements can ruin your paint finish and bodywork. Water can easily seep into body panel gaps and stagnate causing rust and corrosion. If your car is covered when parked, it is not easily damaged by rain.

If you can’t find a garage or sheltered parking area, at least use a heavy-duty waterproof car cover when your car is exposed to the elements. As long as the car cover is 100% waterproof and is breathable, it will protect your car completely.

Use wax sealant

Make use of a high-quality wax sealant after polishing your car. The protective layer of wax keeps the elements away from your body panels. This means water, dust, dirt and debris cannot penetrate the layer of paint. There are other protective products called sealants that are used to form a thin layer of protection between the environment and your car’s exterior.

Without a wax or sealant applied to your car after a wash, rain can quickly damage the paintwork and exposed metal components can rust away. This can be especially true if you live in a coastal area with lots of moisture in the air. The salt in the atmosphere will also accelerate the corrosion process.

Get a ceramic coat

Wax and polish as well as sealants work only for a limited time. Over the months, the paint will start to fade when in contact with water and harsh weather elements. Using a ceramic coat on your paint forms a long-lasting protectant that can even prevent small scratches and acid corrosion.

The factory paint finish does come with a clear coat that offers protection from rain and other contaminants. But a professional ceramic coat does not erode over time and can offer superior protection from the rain. Ceramic coats last at least 2 to 3 years and can be removed at any time. They provide a glossy finish that maintains the finish of your paintwork.

Wash your car regularly

Car exteriors can accumulate tons of dirt not just sitting parked on the roadside, but also while driving. It is not just the body panels, doors and roof that need to be cleaned but also the underneath of the vehicle which tends to accumulate the most dirt. During the rainy season, water mixes with this dirt and begins to damage the exterior. Use a high-pressure wash to get rid of as much dust as possible.

Using a waterproof coating from a reputed brand like 3M can go a long way in preserving your car. Wash your car at least once a month or more often if you live in a dusty environment or drive your vehicle off-road. Make sure to clean the wheels as well because they can throw up asphalt, mineral deposits and sand unto the car exterior.

Cover the glass area with Windex or rain repellent

The rainy season has a reputation for getting the windshield and windows really dirty. A rain repellent applied on the windscreen does not allow water to settle in, instead, it just streaks off due to a polymer film that repels water. You will be left with a clear windshield and windows no matter what the weather conditions are.


When the summer season is over, you should be prepared for rain and inclement weather. These tips and tricks on how to protect your car from the rain will help keep your paint shiny and provide long life to your vehicle.

Use a heavy-duty water cover if you cannot find a closed garage to park your car. And pay attention to the exterior with regular washes and protective accessories like wax, polish and rain repellents.

Your car will have a long life, stay away from corrosion and look like you just rolled out of the showroom.

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