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You’ll be enchanted by these hidden gems in Morocco

It is no secret that Morocco has many beautiful natural and cultural attractions. However, there are some things that, surprisingly, seem undiscovered. Beautiful landscapes, photographic locations, local spices, fragrant air of Morocco, and dunes of Sahara, breathtaking mountains, and valleys, the Atlas Mountains range, Indigenous Berber population soaked in culture and history renowned for their hospitality makes it an ideal tourist destination.

We got a real adventure guide of Morocco for you; want to make your trip more adventurous with Rock Climbing, Mountain biking, Skiing, or snowboarding, Mountain climbing stay tuned; We got you covered.

Some Awesome places to see in Morocco curated with best adventurous activities you should do listed here

  • NATURE AND DISCOVERY OF RURAL HERITAGE- Morocco is a country surrounded by beautiful mountains. The Three Atlas Mountains and Rif offer landscapes, but they are also real playgrounds for thrill and adventure seekers! outdoor fun! Admire the stunning scenery that surrounds you and explore the little treasures that await you.
  • Chefchaouen
  • Errachidia-Midelt-Merzouga
  • Taroudant
  • Azilal
  • Ifrane
  • Ouarzazate-Zagora-Tinghir
  • BEACHES, SPORTS, AND LEISURE ACTIVITIES – With over 3,000 kilometers (about twice the distance from Florida to New York City) of coastline, Morocco is the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts. From the waves of the Atlantic Ocean to the bluish expanses of the Mediterranean, the expansive beaches are beautifully maintained and equipped with first-class infrastructure. 
  • Oujda-Saidia
  • Dakhla
  • Safi
  • Al Hoceima
  • Agadir-Taghazout
  • MEDINAS AND BEACHES – Experience the ultimate in water sports with Moroccan beaches and facilities offering unparalleled serenity. Moroccan Water provides the excitement and challenge of white water with a 45km (about 27.96 mi) Downhill-Rafting at your disposal.
  • Tetouan
  • Tangier
  • Essaouira-Mogador
  • El Jadida-Mazagan
  • Casablanca
  • MEDINAS & CULTURAL HERITAGE IMMERSION – Despite modern changes,the magical medina is part of traditional Moroccan culture that permeates the daily life of the people. A traditional, normally walled medina invites you to explore its deepest treasures through its narrow streets.
  • Meknes
  • Rabat
  • Fez
  • Marrakech

Now that you have adventures and places listed for you here are some suggested tours:

1. Discover Morocco by cruise: Go on the best cruise experience.

  • Tangier: Hercules’ caves, The Atlantic Ocean, Cap Spartel lighthouse.
  • Casablanca: Hassan II Mosque, Morocco Mall.
  • Safi: Fortress of Dar el Bahar, Potters’ Souk
  • Agadir-Taghazout: Panorama of Agadir, paradise valley.

2. Moroccan Desert: Hike through the desert and disconnect yourself from everyday life!

  • Marrakech: Quad in Agafay Desert, Sunset in desert.
  • Ouarzazate-Zagora-Tinghir: Camel ride.
  • Errachidia-Midelt-Merzouga: Camping in the desert, visit to the Kasbah Ait ben Haddou.

3. Imperial cities: Travel back in time.

  • Rabat: Hassan Tower, Kasbah of Oudayas.
  • Fez: Jenan Sbil arden, Cedar Forest.
  • Meknes: Volubilis near Meknes, Artificial Lake of Sahrij Swani.
  • Marrakech: Jamma El- Fna Square, Menara Gardens.

4. Road of 1000 Kasbahs: Explore the highlights of each city.

  • Marrakech: Toubkal Kasbah.
  • Ouarzazate-Zagora-Tinghir: Kasbah Ait ben Haddou, Kasbah village Aulad Othmane.

5. Honey Tour: Fabulous valley of paradise.

  • Agadir-Taghazout: Wintimedouine cave, Ida Outanane Waterfalls, Asif NETarhat Caves.
  • Taroudant: Souk, Handicrafts, Local products, Silver Jewellery, Spices, Ramparts of Taroundant.

6. Great tour of Morocco: Explore the best of Morocco.

  • Essaouira-Mogador: Craft Shops, Gnaoua Festival.
  • Ouarzazate-Zagora-Tinghir: Film Studios, Kasbah Ait ben Haddou, Kasbah village Aulad Othmane, Dodes Gorje.
  • Azilal: Tadla Kasbah, Ouzoud Waterfalls.
  • Ifrane: Dayet Aoua Lake, Mount Michlifen
  • Meknes: Artificial Lake of Sahrij Swan, Volubilis, Mausoleum of Moulay ismail.
  • Chefchaouen: El Masjid El Adam, Panoramic view of Chefchaouen.
  • Tetouan: Tetouan Kasbah, Old Medina of Tetouan.
  • Rabat: Mausoleum of Mohammed V, Hassan Tower, Kasbah of Oudayas.
  • El Jadida-Mazagan: Port of El Jadida, Portuguese Fortress, El Haouzia Beach.

And here you got your travel cheat sheet ready for Morocco; which includes Hidden Gems in Morocco That’ll Give You Wanderlust.

Over all this modern Morocco, it has Total of nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And the best part Morocco’s Capital city Rabat is an entire UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rabat Morocco’s Capital is known as African Capital of Culture for the year 2020-21. 

and boasts numerous historical landmarks, from the Kasbah of Udaya to the Cemetery of Cella, the Mosque of Hassan and the mausoleum of Mohammed V. 

Go on you cannot resist such a beautiful place Extremely warm, welcoming, and lovely people, Rich Culture, Spellbinding places to go in Morocco, Exquisite accommodation options, Exotic food, which is a great blend of various cultures, Bustling nightlife, and an endless number of shopping avenues

Absolutely worth your time and money!


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