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Types of Wall Paintings? Why is One More Expensive Than the Other?

When you want your walls to reflect your personality then wall paintings for home are the perfect choice for you. No matter whether you are a travel enthusiast or an admirer of modern art, the expansive range of wall paintings for home makes it easy to display what you love on your walls. Wall paintings are the best home decoration items that not only freshen up your walls but also make your abode look stylish and aesthetic. 

However, selecting perfect wall paintings for living room can be a daunting task because of the varied styles and patterns available all over the markets. This guide is all about wall paintings that will clarify your doubts and make choosing an ideal painting a cakewalk for you. Follow right in to get inspired. 

Types of Wall Paintings 

What you put on your walls changes the atmosphere of the look of your home so it is necessary to glam the wall up with the right kind of wall paintings for home. There is a wide range of wall paintings for home available but one should be able to differentiate accordingly. The paintings can be divided into two major categories the canvas prints and other being the handmade canvas paintings. The basic difference between the two lies in the fact that canvas prints are the prints done by the printer on cotton or polyester fabric commonly known as a canvas whereas if the painting is hand-painted by the artist on that same fabric. 

The canvas used to print gives depth to the colors and enhances the quality of the print. Canvas prints are widely preferred for their easy maintenance, comparatively low cost, and lightweight. The colors used in canvas print are permanent and do not fade with time which retains the originality of the painting. However, canvas hand paintings look opulent and are originally handmade by artists from across the world. 

Why should you choose Canvas Wall Arts at home? 

Canvas Wall art is much more than a piece of art as they lighten up the walls, create beautiful walls, and spread positivity in your home. Wall paintings for home are always the first choice for admirers of art all over the world because of their multiple advantages. Some of these are listed below: 

Art adds colors– It often becomes difficult to find the right home decoration items to your abode.  Wall paintings for home can come to your rescue because with their vibrant colors, textures, and style they know how to add colors to your ambiance in style. 

It stands the test of time: A wall painting is one of the most durable home decoration items because they are easy to maintain. The canvas fabric is usually made up of cotton, polyester, linen, or hemp which is long-lasting and sustains colours in natural form. 

Quality reflects your identity: The premium quality of canvas prints and paintings stays the same if preserved in the right manner. In addition to it, the polyester fabric yields bold and colourful prints that can be placed to brighten up the walls. 

The originality of art: Canvas prints and paintings for living room radiate the original work of artists, be it the hand-painted work or the prints. The best part about wall paintings is that you can get the original work of any artist in print form which is affordable yet looks mesmerizing. 

Why are some paintings more expensive than others? 

Ever wondered why some paintings like Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry night or Leonardo Da Vinci’s are worth millions of dollars? This is because of the artist’s ideas and the hard work that goes into making those paintings. The beauty of art is that it can be redesigned in multiple ways and that is why one can easily spot some of these famous paintings in regular homes. The canvas prints not only recreate the magic but also make them affordable and accessible for a larger audience. One thing that keeps everyone bewildered is the difference in the price range of various wall paintings. Here is why some paintings for living room are more expensive than others. 

∙       Quality of Canvas used– the quality of canvas plays a pivotal role in the cumulative cost of the painting. The type of fabric used ranges widely from cotton, and linen to polyester where natural fibres like cotton and linen are more expensive than synthetic ones. Cotton for instance is used for the fine quality of wall paintings because it is considered best for high-resolution pictures. 

∙       Canvas Print Run– The cost that goes into printing the canvas paintings for living room also increases the cost of the final product because of large format printers and high-grade ink. 

∙       Artist’s Commission– – Usually if a company uses an artist’s painting or any photographer’s picture to be printed on canvas for commercial purposes then a part of your money when you buy the painting or print goes to the same artist/photographer as a commission. This is done so that the artist is recognized and the money doesn’t get lost in large corporate businesses. 

∙       Size and Frame of the Canvas– Usually the size of the canvas is a prominent determining factor in deciding the price of any painting. The larger the size of the painting, the more will be the amount of fabric used, more ink/colours, and more effort. It also requires extra care while putting it up for display therefore the cost increases. 

These were some of the significant reasons why similar canvas paintings and prints are available at varying prices. Some canvas paintings are even imported from abroad to retain their originality which adds to the price of the painting. Since now you know the difference between printed and original art, it will help you collect the best paintings without any dilemma in your mind. Tell us, which canvas print or wall painting do you plan to bring home?


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