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Top four tools for optimism that bring self-improvement

There is a very famous example of glass half-full and half-empty. People who see half-full glass are identified as optimistic whereas those who express glass as half-empty are considered pessimistic. These two worldviews impact an individual’s life in opposite ways. An optimistic point of view has many benefits one of which is increased interest in personal development. So, optimists like to learn and improve constantly and they enroll in any self-development course like anger management exercise classes or mindfulness meditation exercises class anime pfp

Learned optimism vs learned helplessness

Learned optimism is about using tools that help in creating a positive outlook towards life. This can be done in different ways which will be discussed below. People who have encountered many life setbacks and negative events might develop learned pessimism/ helplessness over time, so they can learn to be optimistic. Of course, it won’t be an easy journey so they can always seek professional help. As per Martin Seligman, optimism is crucial for leading a meaningful life so having a strong faith in a bright future means that an individual can invest their energies into causes that are bigger than themselves. Let’s move on to some comprehensive benefits of optimism in life anime pfp aesthetic.

Holistic benefits of optimism

Optimism not only brings physical but also psychological, emotional, and social benefits for an individual. People who suffered from a heart attack, hypertension, pain, fever, and flu symptoms showed improvement when they engaged in optimism-building activities. It also prevented early death. Hence, optimistic practices increased the quality of life. 

Some psychological and emotional benefits include prevention from depression, increased joy in life, lower stress levels, and higher motivation. 

It is well researched that individuals who have a positive outlook on life have stronger social support which brings added benefits in life for them. Hence, optimism is the recipe for integrated self-improvement. Next, we’ll look at some tools that can help in nurturing optimism in people’s lives. 

The Four Tools

Visualisation technique

To foster optimism in life through visualization, an individual should picture an exciting and motivating future. This technique will be most effective if the visualization is done in detail. An important point here is that visualization should be realistic and practical otherwise it can backfire on the individual. 

“Every time I feel tired while exercising and training, I close my eyes to see that picture, to see that list with my name. This usually motivates me to work again.” – Michael Jordan

Challenge the unhealthy self-talk

There is an ABCDE model for building optimism by Martin Seligman. This model was adopted and adapted from the ABCDE model proposed by Dr. Albert Ellis. In Martin Seligman’s model, A stands for adversity, B for belief, C for consequences, D for disputing, and E for energization. Adversity is an event that triggers a belief in a person that should be challenged. Consequences can be anything that resulted from that belief like our behavior, or feelings. Disputing is about an individual’s effort to challenge their belief system. Finally, energization is the consequence that came from the individual’s disputing efforts. 


Research shows many benefits of gratitude in life and it undoubtedly increases optimism. For this to bring impact, one should write down 3-5 good things that happened in their day and if they cannot find anything even after deep thinking, they should always come back to their breath. Over time, it will become easier to exercise gratitude and reap its benefits to click home depot health check

As nicely stated by Brené Brown,

I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude.” 


The protective factors that promote resilience in any individual are healthy thinking, physical health, social support, self-confidence, a practical set of coping skills, and a life full of meaning. It is obvious that optimism greatly overlaps with resilience so those who are resilient are also optimistic individuals. 

A famous Psychologist expressed that everybody can develop the skill of resilience against stress and it demands consistent work overtime, this can be done without repercussions to an individual’s health. As a result, such training can positively influence the quality of life and even prolong it. 

Moving on towards emotional resilience, optimism can help improve one’s emotional intelligence as optimists like to improve skills online. To boost their emotional intelligence, they can enroll in courses like Emotion Psychology. 


In the end, learning to be optimistic is not a quick fix, and it takes kind attention and patience with oneself. Moreover, optimism is much more than prevention of psychological disorders as it can help individuals find meaning in their lives. So, the relationship between optimism and self-improvement is very deep. Optimism helps improve mindset which helps to organize your thoughts. 

As Helen Keller rightly said about optimism, it is a kind of faith that paves the way for accomplishment, and to achieve anything in life one needs hope and self-confidence.


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