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Top 10 Most Famous Hollywood Actors in the World in 2022

Hollywood has always been an industry that has broken the boundaries of what we can expect from the entertainment sector. It has constantly been at the lead of creative thought and design and has been a huge part of the world’s culture for decades. Here you can get the list of the top 10 most famous Hollywood actors.

1.         Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, best known for his sports name, The Rock he used during his wrestling career, is a professional wrestler and the most famous Hollywood actor. He has made his name in both industries, i.e., wrestling and Hollywood film. Throughout his career in Hollywood, he has won many titles and achievements, including the NAACP Image Awards for entertainer of the year. Kids’ Choice Awards for the mysterious island, Teen Choice Awards for Moana in 2017, and many others. He has played notable roles in Hollywood’s most famous movies, including Moana, San Andreas, Baywatch, Fate of the furious, and others. He is still active in his filming career and may come to see with his new roles in his upcoming Hollywood movies. 

2.         Johnny Depp

Who is not acquainted with Johnny Depp? From Pirates of the Caribbean to many other amazing roles, he performed incredibly and won many hearts from across the world. In 2022, he is listed among the top 10 most famous Hollywood actors in the world 2022. He is an American-based Hollywood actor who is still working in his field. He is not only known as an actor. But, he is also a prominent name in the fields of music and film production. His best acting performances rewarded him with the Golden Globe Award. As well as this, Johnny Depp is also known as one of the richest actors in the world.

3.         Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is another famous Hollywood actor known for his excellent acting skills. He is well-known for his superhero character – Iron Man. Most of his fans call him Iron Man in general talking. He has also played for Due Date, the Avengers, Capitan America: Civil War, and many other famous Hollywood movies. Due to his brilliant performances, he has also won many achievements or awards. His main achievements include the people’s Choice Awards for The Avengers, BAFTA awards for Chaplin, and many others. He is still engaged with the Hollywood industry, and his fans will soon get the chance to see him in the upcoming Hollywood movies.

4.         Leonardo DiCaprio

If you are genuinely a Hollywood movie lover, then you are surely familiar with the name Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo starts gaining fame from the most famous Hollywood movie, Titanic. After getting success in Titanic, he played many other incredible roles throughout his career. Besides Titanic, other notable works of Leonardo include Inception, the revenant, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, The Wolf of Wall Street, and others. Throughout his career, Leo won many awards and achievements. For Example, Leonardo won OSCAR, BAFTA, and Golden Globe Awards for the best leading actors.

5.         Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel, whose real name is Mark Sinclair, is another famous name in the Hollywood film industry. Vin is best known for his fantastic role and character in the Furious series. As well as this, he also appeared in several other Hollywood best movies. His exceptional acting and action skills have also offered him many awards and titles. His most significant achievement is the People’s Choice award for the furious seven films. Recently, he appeared in F9 or Furious 9. His fans will see him with the new roles and characters in the upcoming Hollywood movies.

6.         Chris Evans

If you like to see superheroes on the screen, then you are surely familiar with Chris Evans. Chris Evans is one of the Hollywood actors who played Superhero characters. He is famous for one of the fantastic superhero characters, Captain America. He also appeared in Avengers, the most famous movie series. Recently, he appeared in the Hollywood best movie, Spider-Man: Home Coming and Gifted. Throughout his career, Charis Evans has won many awards. For example, he won the Kid’s Choice Award for captain America: Civil War. Teen Choice Award for Avengers and Scream Awards for Captain America.  

7.         Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is a British actor and is well-known for his superhero character, Superman. Besides this, there are several incredible Hollywood movies on the credit of Henry Cavill, including Stardust, Man of Steel, Immortals, and many others. Henry Cavill recently appeared in Justice League – a well-known Hollywood movie.

8.         Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth belongs to Australia and is familiar with his superhero character – Thor. He plays the role of Thor in many movies. Besides playing the superhero’s character, he also appeared in many other incredible films, including Back Hat, Red Down, In the Heart of the Sea, Snow White, and others. He has also won Kid’s Choice Awards and people’s Choice Awards. Chris Hemsworth recently appeared in Thor: Love and Thunder.

9.         Tom Cruise

From the 90s era to till the date, Tom Cruise has been ruling Hollywood due to the excellent movies and roles he played. Today, he is considered the most handsome and famous Hollywood actor. He is not only working as an actor, but he is also active in the industry as a film producer. Due to his outstanding and remarkable work, he has won three times golden global awards. As well as this, he has been nominated for the academy awards three times.

10.       Huge Jackman

Huge Jackman is an Australian actor and is commonly known as Wolverine. He is also known as a film producer and singer. Huge has achieved many awards throughout his career. The Golden Globe Awards and academy awards are included in his achievements. There are many movies on the credit of Huge Jackman and Logan, The Greatest Showman, Bad Education, among the best.


The above given is the list of the top 10 most famous Hollywood actors, which is made based on different resources and people’s interests. To know more updates on Hollywood Actors, we recommend you visit Celebritybasics. Here you can get the latest updates on the world’s famous celebrities.

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