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Tips to win online cockfighting

It’s virtually impossible to bet on most successful game fowl every time but you can boost your odds by playing intelligently. Here are some helpful strategies to make a splash in the online world of betting: Cockfighting is like other games people took great interest in this game and also many done betting on this game. To enjoy this game one should register him/her self on

1. Select the rooster who has the record of having more wins.

Luckily, with an online the sabong ,you can see how tough the game  fowl. In the lower part in a live fight there is a section on trends with various colored circles.

The red circle indicates how many wins which is the meron and the loss or the word walais on the blue circular. The yellow circle is the amount of draw battles. It is essentially, you have to determine what color is dominant in the trend section to are aware of which game fowls to focus focused on when it comes to upcoming battles.

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2. Take note of the rooster’s posture and movements.

Prior to the start of the fight Bettors as well as the general public will have the chance to observe and decide which bird is the most superior. Similar to the public gets to watch roosters move around the ring prior to the pandemic.

Take a look at how they leap, fly and use their beaks at this period. It is also important to evaluate their strength, agility, and endurance. Stamina is crucial as you must determine whether the game fowl will be able to play despite injuries.

Also, make sure to examine the feathers of roosters. A game fowl with a shiny appearance indicates that it’s well fed and well taken to. A rooster that’s not shiny suggests that it’s been fighting in previous games. Based on its past it may be difficult to prevail.

3. Be attentive to the statistics of roosters by the announcements.

In traditional cockfighting, there are announcers on the internet sabong. They usually comment on the fight and add to the excitement that comes from the battle.

Before the actual match starts the announcers provide the stats of the participating game fowls. This includes wins, losses and draws, in addition to their weight. It is best to put your money on the one that has an excellent winning record.


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