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Tips for starting a recycling business

For most people with a passion for saving the planet and a drive for making money, a route to achieve their dream while showcasing their passion is found in the recycling business. It is often the right route for these people as they can generate an income while supporting and protecting the environment. 

The recycling business is also becoming more popular as each day passes due to a daily increase in people who recycle and increased involvement by the government, which is creating more initiatives for society to recycle. Furthermore, the fact that there are very few companies dedicated to this venture gives room for new businesses to start up, show their dedication and thrive. 

However, like all businesses, starting a recycling business is not as easy as it looks. There are a lot of factors to consider and deal with for the business to make a profit and bloom. To help with that, highlighted below are key tips for starting a recycling business. 

Knowing What You Want To Recycle

The first thing to consider is finding out what type of recycling company to start. This entails choosing what recyclable materials will be your business focal point. The fact that not all materials are recyclable comes in here, as you would need to make specific choices from recyclable materials. Notwithstanding recyclable materials being limited, there is still a lot to choose from, such as metals, paper, glass, plastics, batteries, ink cartridges, and even car wheels. 

A point to note here is that choice shouldn’t be based on personal preference but rather on factors like what the most trashed recyclable material around you is. You shouldn’t start a recycling company that focuses on metals like aluminum. There would be no profit when there’s no aluminum waste around you. It would be best if you also considered the tools and machines you will need. Baling machines and baling wire are some of those tools. You can visit balingwiredirect.com for cardboard baling wire options. 


For a business to be successful, a vital element is identifying the people that will buy their product, in other words, customers. There has to be demand before you can supply. The same thing applies here. 

You will need to identify who your customers are going to be to generate profit and sustain the recycling business. A way to do this is by creating a business website to garner customers. You should note that, for recycling businesses, their customers are often other businesses, such as small or medium companies that supply various forms of recycled products like recycled notebooks or paper.

Collecting Materials

A vital part of a recycling business is deciding the best means to collect the needed waste materials. There are several options you can employ to achieve this vital role, and they are:

  • Drop-Off Centers: A popular option you can opt for are drop-off centers, whereby you set up said centers throughout the city or your residing area, and you create a team to collect the waste materials from the centers regularly. 
  • Facility Drop-Off: A similar option to the aforementioned one involves having a facility where people can come in and drop their recycled materials, and you would sort them. 

Curbside Pick-up: The option involves creating a team that goes directly to people’s homes and businesses to collect the recyclable materials directly.


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