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Tips for driving a van for the first time


Driving a van for the first time is a bit daunting. When you are driving a van, you should know the tips in this article, because a van is a large vehicle when you travel on a road it makes a big challenge for the driver. You should know about the techniques of driving and need to practice for some weeks before actually driving so you will feel more comfortable.

Before you give you some tips for the van driver when they drive for the first time, it’s important to rent a van from a professional company that you can count on. Here are some tips that you can use for driving a van for the first time.

  1. Controlling Van:

The Van driving seat is different from the car, and you don’t have a rearview in the mirror. You have two big wing mirrors left and right, so you will take your seat position adjusting according to the wing mirrors that provide the road best view. This is the first step of driving a van and it is necessary and helpful for your driving protection.

You should know about all the controls and be confident in them without taking your eyes off the road. You cannot look for the light switch when you drive a van on the road.

And you need to know all van dimensions (length and width) before you drive, that way you do not need to worry about the low bridge or van parking barriers because you will be confident in all these van-driven aspects.

  1. Van loading process:

The loading part plays an important role, and you must take care of the technique. When you load the van, it is better to start with the heavy items: put them on the bottom and tie them down securely.

When the van is moving around it can damage the goods and make your concentration on the driving unstable. You must follow the technique and be concentrated while driving a van and should also know the capacity of the van, so your goods are safe, and they are not creating a disturbance.

  1. Courteous and be patience:

When you are driving a van, it is important to be calm. You don’t need to think that you are a White Van Man stereotype and not rushing around with fast driving because these things create a high risk and danger for your life and another user of the road. You do not drive a van like a car, it has a different method of driving and you must follow this.

  1. Must know the limit of speed:

As a van driver, you must know about the van speed limit. Van speed is lower than a car like in a single carriageway road your national speed will be 50mph. In Dual carriageway roads the limit will be 60mph. Both these speeds should be 10mph and slower than the cars. 

Always avoid blind spots because rear-view has created blind spots so you will need to be aware of them. The position of junctions will be 90 degrees when the oncoming traffic is given a perfect and stable position in both directions, especially the time when you are crossing the dual carriageway. Position of turning the junctions you must avoid the kerb clipping.

  1. Road safety:

When driving a van, it is necessary to get in your position and sit well. If your position is in poor posture, it can give you injuries. So, as a van driver, you must be led to a lack to feel control and comfort in your position. If you are sitting straight, it can save you from backaches and back injuries, so the starting point is the sitting position you will work on first. 

The sitting process will also give you stability when you go for a long drive. You should make a correct distance into the pedals with your knees and press it in the correct position of the knees. Also, take care of height, angles, avoid wearing the bulky coat, and not take watch or phone in the back pockets just sit straight. Because you will take regular breaks from driving a van it is good for your relaxation.

6. Insurance Coverage:

A great tip of driving a van is to check your insurance coverage information before driving it and you also need to know about the level of coverage to rent a van. When you use a van for carrying goods it is good to explore special van insurance to protect your van and its contents. 

Van’s insurance is very important to hire agreements because it protects the vehicle and saves you from any damage in possession. Before you drive a van, it is necessary to ensure all the rental information and get awareness to cover against in case of accidents by the insurance coverage. 

When you rent a van for driving, it can count on insurance and you do not need to worry about the consequences, just drive it anywhere.

If you follow all these driving techniques and tips, you will be a great van driver.


You should follow these van driving tips and remember them while driving. Avoiding the bad postures and taking regular breaks, you will feel the good, flexible and comfortable environment of driving a van and preventing driving issues. 

If you want to make your driving skills better and make yourself a sensible driver and create your journey and do planning for your bright driving journey of the van. I would like to give you some valuable techniques of driving a van so you will easily remember the driving techniques and point them out.

  • You will check your driving license and covered the vehicle
  • Adjusting driving position
  • You must be known specifications including height, length, and weight
  • Always control the new grips.
  • Drive a van with calm and confidence.
  • Aware of blind spots while driving.
  • Practices how to load a van safely.
  • Must know the vehicle speed

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