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Tips and Tricks for Maintaining a Successful Remote Agile Team Structure

Many challenges emerged as offices everywhere transitioned to an online environment. Managing communications, dealing with clients, and facilitating collaboration were just a few of the most common obstacles. If you sustained this shift as a member of an Agile team, though, you likely saw just how adaptable the Agile framework is. Indeed, the framework that’s built to accommodate the planning and execution of major software projects proved to be just as useful in the execution of virtual team management. As many teams decide to maintain virtual operations, it’s more important than ever to maintain the success you’ve achieved. Find out how you can do so — and why an office background with logo can make your next meeting better than ever.

Define Workflows and Team Roles

Once you’ve achieved success, sustaining it can be just as difficult as the initial challenge. If you’re wondering how to set virtual background in Teams or how to replicate your past success, it always helps to start by defining your workflow. This is an imperative part of the Agile framework, and it’s the foundation of the philosophy for a reason. The Agile workflow simply refers to each individual stage of product development, which is further broken up into small tasks that are commonly called sprints. In order to complete these tasks, you need to identify their stages and the goal of each stage.

In addition to explicating workflows, you need to clearly define the roles associated with the workflow’s tasks. There are several key team roles in the Agile framework, including the Team Lead, Scrum Master, and Product Owner. Each of these people plays a unique role in executing a project and guiding it to completion. Identifying the individuals who will take on these roles is important to ensuring that your team’s success is sustainable.

Create a Sense of Unity With Team Activities

When it comes to a structured virtual environment, it’s unhealthy to focus exclusively on work. It’s crucial to make time for team-building activities for your team to bond, talk, and get to know each other. For example, Escapely offers unique online games that allow employees to collaborate and have fun. These games can make it easy to forge connections amongst team members. If you’re hosting a simple team meeting, you can give everybody the option to choose their own virtual backgrounds for Google Meet. This is a great way to demonstrate unity.

Unity is ultimately the key to continued success, so it’s vital that you find a way to create a bonded team. Whether you use customized team meeting backgrounds, fun online games, or team building activities, you can give your team the tools they need to bond together — and more importantly, build together. Don’t let the limitations of the virtual office environment stop your team from succeeding. You can maintain the Agile framework and execute its principles so that your project is a surefire success.


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