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Things To Look out When Selecting The Best Kitchen Chimney.

The kitchen chimney you are planning to buy must be a great fit for your kitchen and your needs. Elica chimney is a great choice. Though, you must consider the following factors before purchasing a chimney.

  • Chimney filter types
  • Types of kitchen chimney
  • Suction power
  • Size
  • Auto clean
  • price

Filter type:

Filter types of chimneys are classified based on three factors such as structure, material, and filtering process. There are three types of chimney filters such as cassette filter, baffle filter, and carbon filter. 

  • Cassette filter- Aluminum mesh is used in the cassette filter. The aluminium meshes a stocked on each other. This mechanism allows air to pass through the gaps between the mesh. During this process, oil and grease particles stuck to the mesh thread. This filter needs weekly washing to perform efficiently. 
  • Baffle filter- The baffle filter has multiple curve structures. It is a flow control panel. The smoke has to change its direction to pass through the curves. So, the oil particles and heavy grease are dragged down. This mechanism is so effective that the suction power doesn’t decrease even when the filter gets filled with grease. Moreover, these filters need washing once in three months. 
  • Carbon filter- The carbon filter is made with black charcoal. This is good for absorbing odour. You need to replace this filter once in six months as the oil clogs the filter and reduces suction power.

You need to choose based on how much time you can spend on cleaning the filter.

Types of kitchen chimney:

The chimney must fit in the kitchen structure. So, choose as per the location of your oven.

  • Wall-mounted chimneys- These are the chimneys that can be fitted against the wall. This is preferable when the oven is adjacent to the wall. 
  • Island chimneys- You need an island chimney when the cooking platform is located away from the wall. This chimney hangs from the ceiling.
  • Built-in chimneys- These chimneys are similar to wall-mounted chimneys. The only difference is that these chimneys are installed inside the kitchen wood furniture. 
  • Corner chimney- If your oven is located in the corner of the kitchen, then you must go for a corner chimney. It can be said that it’s a corner-based wall-mounted chimney. 

Choose wisely as per the design of your kitchen.

Suction power:

Chimney suction power is the most important thing. The bigger the kitchen, the more suction power is required. A minimum suction power of 500 m3/hr to 650 m3/hr is good. But bigger kitchens need a minimum of 1000 m3/hr suction power.


The chimney size plays a significant role in the ventilation process. You must choose a kitchen chimney that is as big as your oven. Otherwise, the chimney won’t be able to suck up all the cooking smoke, and your kitchen will be filled with grease smoke. So, never purchase a chimney that is smaller than your stove.

Auto clean: 

As the name says, auto-clean chimneys have technologies that automatically clean the inside parts of the chimney. These chimneys have turbine blowers and oil collecting bowls. Once the smoke is sucked, the blower forces the air to move towards the chimney walls. As a result, the oil particles of the smoke get stuck to the container walls. And the collecting bowl collects that oil, and it is detachable. All you need to do is wash the bowl once a month. This technology helps you save time and also maintain the chimney suction power. Auto clean chimneys are a bit more expensive. But its low maintenance makes it the best. 


Price is an important factor. Though this equipment is a bit expensive, it may cross your budget. In this case, you can consider an EMI method to pay. Several financing companies in the market can help you. Bajaj Finserv is one of them.

Considering these described factors is the best way to get the best chimney for kitchen. 

People face problems while cooking in the kitchen. They have to deal with suffocation, smoke, oil, dirt, and odour to cook their favourite dish. That’s why consumers are heading towards kitchen chimneys. A good kitchen chimney like the new elica chimney can get you out of this problem. But before getting one, you must consider some basic features. 

There are three types of filters used in chimneys such as cassette filter, baffle filter, and carbon filter. The cassette filter needs weekly washing, while the baffle filter needs washing once in three months. On the other hand, the carbon filter needs to be replaced once in six months. 

There are four kitchen types of chimneys such as wall-mounted chimneys, island chimneys, built-in chimneys, and corner chimneys. They are designed for different locations of the oven. Now coming to suction power, a minimum of 500 m3/hr to 650 m3/hr is good. The size of the chimney also matters. It must fit the size of the oven. The auto-clean feature is there to give you the best experience. Based on these factors, you can choose the perfect match for your kitchen.


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