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Options for Temporary Hair Dyeing

Changing up your look can sometimes be as easy as coming up with a new hair color. However, going to the salon and getting your hair dyed can be very expensive, and even with a salon treatment, hair dyeing will negatively impact your hair health. What if you’re looking for something more short-term, with less commitment, less impact to your hair health, and more hair changing opportunities? Here are four super-temporary hair dyeing options that will have you grabbing an Ulta coupon and running to your local store.

1. Use a Color-Depositing Conditioner or Hair Mask

A color-depositing conditioner or hair mask can be a great way to give your hair a short-term change. Oftentimes, these conditioners work best on hair that’s already been bleached or hair that’s extremely light blonde, and will typically last for at least a few washes after you stop using them. However, they can be a great way to change up your hair color for a few days and change things over time if you’re suddenly interested in a new color.

2. Try a Touch Up Spray

Touch-up sprays, also called root cover-ups and root touch-ups, are typically advertised as being a great way to lengthen time between salon treatments. If your roots are becoming noticeable after you changed your hair color, a touch-up spray can help you enjoy your current hair color for a little while longer before you need to go back. They typically wash out with shampoo, and only take a few minutes to dry after you apply them.

3. Consider a Color Styling Gel

Color styling gel is basically makeup for your hair. The intention of color styling gel is to provide a truly short-term styling change to your hair. This works best for either short hair or slicked-back looks, although if you typically use styling gel for your existing style, you can substitute the color gel to get a unique look for your next hair style.

4. Try out a Dye Wax

While color styling gels are definitely a great option, they often show up best on lighter hair. That’s not at all the case with a dye wax product, which is known for standing out incredibly well on darker hair as well. If you’re someone with naturally brown or black hair and you want to try out a temporary style, dye wax tends to come in heavily-pigmented colors and may provide a unique option for anyone who doesn’t want a permanent bleach and dye.


You don’t have to bleach your hair and chemically dye it to see a unique change to your hair color. Whether you’re trying to put off your next trip to the salon or you’re just not certain about the potential damage that can come from chemical dyes, these are all great options to try out for a temporary dye. Buy one or more to start experiencing the hair color excitement.


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