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Things To Consider Before Buying Battlbox Subscription

Whatever your adventure, a subscription box can help you meet your goals. BattlBox is one of the trusted names in the industry, and its boxes help you get ready for almost any situation. But is a BattlBox subscription right for you? To understand how BattlBox will benefit you, ensure you know the contents and usability of each shipment. You will then decide on the pricing package suitable for your needs. 

In this post, you are about to learn the things you must consider when subscribing to BattlBox. Each factor is vital in determining your purchase, and your success depends on your decisions. Here are the things you must understand before committing to the BattlBox subscription. 

1. Box Contents 

The BattlBox subscription comes with different items, but not all boxes are the same. Make sure you understand the contents of each box before you purchase. 

Some boxes may have more of one type of item than another, so it is necessary to know what you get. For instance, the Basic box has only a few adventure and survival tools, while the Pro Plus package contains everything you need for safe and adventurous outdoors. 

The higher tiers also give you personalized and branded items, making them unique and exclusive. Go through the battle box subscription review to understand better what you would get from your subscription. You can also check out their website to understand the product better. 

2. Your Needs 


Do you need a box with all the supplies for your outdoor adventures? Or are you looking for items to help with your tactical and self-defense needs? BattlBox subscription caters to various requirements, but not all boxes are the same. It is vital to analyze your needs and purchase the best subscription to cater to them. For instance, if you are into camping and hiking, the Advanced box is perfect for you. Also, if you are looking for items to help with your preparedness, then the Pro box is ideal. 

For starters, the Basic package delivers outdoor gear, survival guidelines, and emergency supplies. However, if unsure of what you need, go for the Pro Plus package. It contains everything you need for any outdoor adventure. 

3. Do you Need a Box for Self or Friend? 


Before picking a subscription box from BattlBox, you must decide whether you need one for yourself or a friend. The subscription option will enable you to get the package as regularly as you need for personal use. 

The gift option is for purchasing a package for your friend. You will pay and provide information for their shipping address to receive their box. 

Battle Box can be a great gift for friends and loved ones, but how do you identify the correct option? Before purchasing a subscription for someone else, ensure you know their interests and needs. 

It is important to remember that not all boxes are the same, so make sure to select the right one for the person you are gifting. For instance, if your loved one loves the outdoors, the Advanced or Pro box would fit their needs. 

4. Your Budget 

The BattlBox subscription is affordable, and you can pick the package that suits your needs. However, it is vital to factor in your budget when making your decision. 

The Basic box is $29.99/month, and the Pro Plus package is $159.99/month. While the contents of each box vary, the price range is affordable and perfect for your needs. The items in the box exceed the average retail cost, and you can be sure that everything gives you value for money. 

Before picking on the best package of your Battle Box Subscription Box, decide on the necessity of the products you would receive for your hiking, camping, or other outdoor adventure. 

Picking the lowest package can save you money, but the supplies may be insufficient for your needs. Also, the highest tier may give you more than you need, making you feel like paying extra. Find a balance between your ability to pay and the benefits you desire to receive from your BattlBox. 

To cut down on the cost of your purchase, you can use a discount coupon. It will help you save on the overall cost and get more supplies in your BattlBox. You can search for Battle Box discount codes on the internet. 

5. BattlBox Delivery 


The BattlBox delivery is monthly, and you can choose the package that meets your needs. Your bills will come on the 15th of each month, and your BattlBox will be shipped between the 4th and 9th of the following month. Depending on your address and shipping option, your package may take a few days to arrive. You must allow for at least two weeks for domestic shipping and up to four weeks for international shipping. 

The BattlBox delivery is a monthly occurrence, and you want to ensure you are available to pick your package up from the post office. If you are not available, you will have to pick it up from a holding location or arrange for redelivery. This information also prepares you to plan your vacation on the correct date. You do not want to leave for the adventure before your next box arrives. If you cannot wait, you may need to update the shipping address to receive it at your destination. 

6. Expectations 

While you need to understand how much value you get from your subscription box, you might not know how the products will serve you before you get the package. It is ideal to try it out before deciding on the package you need every month. For the first order, pick a package that contains the tools and gear you need for your favorite adventure. Once you have received the box, you can then decide if you need a different package for the next month or not. 

If you are happy with the products and tools, keep the subscription. If not, you can upgrade or downgrade the subscription to match your needs. To do so, log onto your Battle Box account and make the necessary changes. 


Outdoor enthusiasts have different needs. An outdoor subscription box can be the perfect gift for someone who loves spending time in nature. When selecting a Battle Box subscription, you must consider your interests and budget to make the best decision for you and your loved ones. 


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