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Live Streaming E-Commerce Growth

Next Trending Beauty and Cosmetic Marketing in India for 2022

The market dynamics transformed significantly with the huge shift to digital platforms during the pandemic. The beauty and the cosmetic industry significantly gravitated towards online marketing strategies to keep up with the changing market scenario. Live streaming E-Commerce strategy becomes a key driver to the industry’s growth. Live streaming has helped customers make better decisions and engage with the product on a personalised level.

Setting the digital trend for raising consumer purchase through Live Streaming E-Commerce app

The live streaming E-Commerce management software is a trendsetter for managing and promoting live sales in the corporate business industry. Live Streaming E-Commerce software uses live media to demonstrate the use of the consumer products, highlight its benefits, and boost customer engagement by creating personalised interaction. The innovative digital marketing strategy has helped boost sales substantially for many cosmetic brands in India. 

As per a report by Statista, the valuation of the beauty and personal care market is expected to rise from $511B in 2021 to $748.6B by 2025. There is untapped growth potential, and using a full-fledged live Streaming E-Commerce app for the brand will likely fuel sustainable growth and increase consumer reach. Traditionally, consumers visited brick-and-mortar retail stores to purchase beauty products. The growth of e-commerce stores has magnified the scale of online purchases, further increasing by integrating live shopping for E-Commerce.

Exclusive shopping experience with the help of Live Streaming E-Commerce

The inception of live streaming innovative strategy has shown success in consumer purchase behaviour for the following reasons –

– The use of beauty products is quality entertainment. It is engaging and informative for prospective consumers. It creates a real-life connection and higher reliance on the product.

– The live streaming E-Commerce for cosmetic products activates interest in consumers. The live streamers show step-by-step application of the product and how it is beneficial in real-time.

– It creates a host and user connection and activates the sales funnel as customers learn more about the product during the live streaming.

Big e-commerce brands like Wayfair and Amazon have launched live-streaming services in-built in the platform. Sellers on the platform can use the in-built service to live-stream the products and accelerate sales. However, cosmetic and beauty product brands use live streaming E-Commerce app stores to download third-party Live Streaming E-Commerce apps for live-streaming the products. The apps are scalable, allowing companies to live stream, promote, and sell products via their social media channels.

Live Streaming E-Commerce app and its in-built features for higher sales 

The app’s ultimate goal is to create a platform for both sellers and buyers. The live streaming E-Commerce app has incredible key features that help the sellers connect with buyers personally. It is easy and quick to download the live streaming E-Commerce app from the app store, and all small to big brands can live stream products to create a personalised shopping experience.

– The brand owners of e-commerce beauty and makeup products can live stream the demo of the product. A CTA and live streaming like “Buy Now” provide buyers with live shopping for an E-Commerce experience.

– The live streaming E-Commerce app is equipped with AI-enabled chatbots as well as personalised chat options. This helps the buyers to chat and interact with the sellers in real-time.

– The apps provide a platform for real-time management of the inventory by sellers. It allows the seller to go live and tag products to sell with video and photos.

Latest trends for the Marketing and Cosmetic Industry 

Live shopping for E-Commerce through live streaming is one of the buzzing digital trends for the growth of the beauty and cosmetic industry. However, there are few other trends that are likely to dominate in 2022.

– Influencer marketing  – The social media influencers can showcase the use of makeup and cosmetic products in real-time. Associating with popular beauty influencers can upturn the brand image positively and create a stream of consumers. However, it is crucial to rope in genuine and authentic influencers with doubts about credibility. The influencer videos of product use can be used for live streaming. The “Buy Now” will help bring better live shopping for E-Commerce for viewers.

– Sustainable and Organics – The rising trend is towards the use of organic, sustainable, natural, and cruelty-free cosmetic and beauty brands. Positioning as a clean and organic brand can improve the sales funnel from conscious consumers. 

– User-generated content – Celebrities and influencers are good to promote a brand online, but the reliability of a brand online improves with user-generated content. Developing social media campaigns, inviting real people or users to upload the product’s video, and resharing it creates solid brand value. 

Final Words 

Live stream of beauty products, their use and application of the cosmetics helps real-time engagement with the seller. In the highly competitive industry, adapting to live streaming channels and creating a live shopping experience for buyers will keep you ahead in the market. The bespoke campaign and live streams build stronger credibility for the brand.

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