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The sequence of authentic Indian Hindu marriage

A conventional Hindu wedding ceremony is a package of different small-small ceremonies and rituals placing the bride and groom at the direction to marital, financial, and life-lengthy success. Many rituals might also additionally range relying upon

the beginning of the couple; traditionally Hindu wedding is precisely an arranged marriage for which families started searching bride or groom long ago, but today this all is easy as Canada marriage bureau has numerous potential profiles of both boys and girls.

Hindu weddings have different step to follow, and lets talk about all one by one:

Step 1: Preparation of a marriage- 

  • Haldi ceremony: this took place at least two or three days before the wedding day. During this ceremony, a special paste made up of turmeric, curd, besan or chickpea flour, rosewater along with some sandal-wood powder, are applied all over to the body of bride or groom; Hindu marriages are incomplete without color and vibrancy. A cover of flora will pass up all through this time inside and outside the residence in

which the marriage can be and color will appear to pop up everywhere.

  • Mehndi ceremony: the most exciting and promising day for every Indian bride to be, this is to adorn the bride with the color of mehndi. The bride, along with her close friends and relatives, cover their palm and feet with decorative designs of mehndi. 

Step2: the wedding day rituals

  • Watching the bride and groom entry: this is the most special moment for both the family, as it is filled with excitement, craziness, loud music, dancing cousins, crowd hooting, etc. firstly the groom enters the hall as he needs to perform some puja with the bride family. The bride’s arrival is precious for her parents, as they have dreamt of this for so long. The whole bride attire is priceless, starting from forehead tikka to necklace, long lehenga, with a heavy set of bangles, etc.
  • Jaimala ceremony: as soon as the bride enters the hall, they have a Jai mala, an exchange of garland with which other (bride and groom). After which they have photoshoots- single, couple, with families, friends, etc. Indian marriages are full of a package of 2 to 3 days party, this is one of the ceremonies.
  • Kanyadan: one of the important or most controversial concept of Indian wedding, kanyadan performed by bride’s parents with bride and groom. This signifies the father is officially giving her daughter to the boy.
  • Seven auspicious pheras: Revolving seven times around the fire, this would be the most exciting pheras of life, as it gives the person with whom you are going to spend your life. While the prayers were going on, different oblations were offered to the fire. 
  • Brides vidai or leaving ceremony: Hindu wedding has a separate place for this final goodbye of the girl from his parents’ house, 

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