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The Perfect Way To Design Custom E-liquid Packaging Boxes?

The trend of cigarettes is now getting overdue to vaping. In vape, E-Liquids are used, and basically, it is a flavor used to produce vapors. Therefore, they have fewer harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes. Moreover, they give a stylish and modern look to the young generation.

For these reasons, many manufacturers have started selling E-Liquids. But, unfortunately, competition between different brands becomes tough and high. So, it becomes difficult for companies to stand out in the market. But you can beat your competitors by selecting the best packaging for your product.

The most durable and stylish packaging is E-Liquid Boxes. The E-Liquid packaging with customization options boosts the value of your product in the market effectively. As a result, your brand’s growth increases. 

Why are custom E-Liquid boxes profitable for the company?

The durable and sturdy custom printed E-Liquid Boxes with alluring and enticing designs grab the customers’ attention to your products. In this way, your brand will become well-known in the market. Let’s have a look at different reasons which makes E-Liquid Boxes profitable for your brand, such as:

  • Provide advertisement

The E-Liquid packaging work as an advertisement tool for your brand. In addition, your brand’s logo and company’s contact information are available on these custom boxes, which work as an advertisement tool for your brand. So, you do not need to spend money on the promotions of your company’s products. 

Moreover, when customers buy your E-Liquids and take them to another place. Other people will learn about your brand through your product’s packaging. So, be smart and choose the custom printed boxes for the packaging of your product.

  • Provide durability to fragile products

The custom E-Liquid boxes consist of durable materials such as kraft, E-flute corrugated, cardboard, and rigid. These sturdy and robust material custom boxes provide your products with complete protection from damage. 

The E-liquids contain herbal ingredients which are susceptible to environmental changes. For example, they get damaged if the temperature is too high and too cold. So, E-Liquid Boxes transport your product with ultimate safety. 

  • Cost-effective packaging

Suppose you choose plastic or other packaging for your product; it is a high cost. But if you choose cardboard material packaging for your product, it is less expensive. For this reason, manufacturers choose custom E-Liquid boxes for the product’s packaging. Moreover, when you book E-Liquid Boxes in bulk, you will find them cost-effective. 

Tips for designing E-Liquid packaging boxes

Every brand wants that its products will become prominent in the market. Therefore, packaging companies offer various customization options for E-Liquid packaging boxes to give them an attractive look. Moreover, you can make your packaging boxes according to your desire.

Let’s have a look at different tips which makes your custom boxes attractive such as:

  • Tip1: use durable material 

When the quality material is used to make custom boxes, they become durable. So, if you want that your product gets complete protection, then choose sturdy packaging material. The E-Liquid packaging boxes consist of robust kraft, cardboard, E-flute corrugated, and rigid material. 

For local transfer of products, choose kraft and cardboard material. But if you want more designing options, then select cardboard; otherwise, choose eco-friendly kraft material. Both provide complete protection to fragile products from damage. 

For shipping purposes, choose the corrugate and rigid material for E-Liquid Packaging Boxes. The corrugate material consists of different flutes, making your product very secure. Moreover, if you want to give your product a luxurious look, go for rigid packaging material. 

  • Tip 2: add innovative unboxing styles

Customers like unique and exciting things. For this reason, attractively present your product so that customers buy it instantly. So, choose the elegant opening styles for your boxes and make them commendable in look. The different unboxing styles are tuck end, sleeve, gable, and display, so select any style and make your E-Liquid Boxes exciting. As a result, boost your product’s sales and improve your brand’s image. 

  • Tip 3: embrace custom E-Liquid  boxes with coatings

For making E-liquid packaging more attractive, choose coatings. The alluring finishings grab the attention of customers to your E-Liquid Boxes. The different options are spot UV, glow lamination, and matte lamination. 

The glow lamination gives a glossy look to your custom box. As a result, the custom-printed E-Liquid boxes shine and allure customers to your products even in the darkness. Moreover, the matte lamination provides a smooth surface to your E-Liquid packaging boxes.

In addition, spot UV is used to make some areas prominent of the custom boxes, such as logos. Moreover, you can also use additional features to make packaging boxes more elegant. For example, you can add embossing, debossing, window feature, and holders to give them a fascinating look.


E-Liquid Boxes with various design options make your product presentable to customers. When your products successfully grab the attention of buyers, then it escalates your sales. Moreover, people start recognizing your brand. In this way, your company will get success in the market.


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