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The Hallmarks of Health: 6 Simple Rules for Living a Healthy Life

Is living a healthy life as simple as eating well and working out? Or is there more to it? It seems the world is full of conflicting messages when it comes to designing a healthier existence. From sleep habits and hydration to using healthy cookware sets and enjoying nature, the path to living a healthy life is nuanced. 

To help you unravel the complexities, here are six simple rules for healthy living:

#1 Move Your Body for Fun and Health

Lifting weights at the gym and running circles around your city aren’t the only healthy ways to move your body. Movement is a natural part of life! But in today’s world, we’re more likely to sit in front of a device than get the blood flowing. 

If you hate the way you’ve exercised in the past, chances are you won’t try it again anytime soon. The trick is to choose activities and movements that you enjoy!

Don’t care for running? Stay off the treadmill. Try swimming or calisthenics instead. If lighting weight isn’t your style, try wearing a weighted vest and wraps while doing something you love, such as gardening or walking the dog.

2. Don’t Put Toxins In Your Body

This is not as easy as it sounds. Some of the obvious fixes are to stop smoking or vaping, reduce your alcohol consumption, and eat less junk food. But let’s take it a bit deeper!

Avoid the center, shelf-stable aisles of the grocery store. That’s where much of the highly-processed and nutrient-void foods can be found. Stick with fresh “rainbow foods” that are bright in color or made with natural ingredients for a healthier diet. 

When was the last time you upgraded your pots and pans? Over time, coatings become chipped, and this can result in chemicals leaching into your food. If you can’t remember when you bought them or if they’re starting to look worse for wear, it’s time to replace your pots and pans with new, healthy cookware sets.

Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of overall health. Especially highly-processed and refined sugars. As much as possible, reduce your sugar intake, and you’ll soon feel the difference in your body. 

3. Sleep Well and Often

Sleep is not only restful but restorative. Your body needs downtime in order to function and perform at top capacity. So go to bed earlier and reduce evening screen time to help your mind and body slow down more easily. For best results, also consider reducing your caffeine intake, especially later in the day. 

4. Say No More Often

Say no to things that don’t make you happy and that keep your schedule too full. You don’t have to attend every social gathering or after-school activity. Instead, take more nature walks and practice deep breathing. Spend less time with people that cause stress or anxiety. 

5. Hydrate All Day

This is the simplest fix for healthy living. Your body needs fluids to function, and there’s no better fluid than mother nature’s fresh, cold water. Purchase a large water bottle or jug and begin setting daily goals for how much water you need. 

6. Healthy Living Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

The most important rule is to make sustainable changes. Setting unrealistic and unattainable goals for yourself will result in yo-yo-like changes that don’t stick. You won’t see the benefits from temporary and ineffective health changes. 
Start feeling better with these six simple rules for living a healthy life. What change will you make first?


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