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The Essence of Caring for your Extensions!

When considering opting for curly hair extensions, it’s important to be aware of maintenance procedures. Consider when deciding on which types of extensions you feel offer the best outcome in your case. You’ll want to make sure that the process will end up lasting for a significant amount. Look, we’re not saying that hair extensions are for everyone. Some girls find them tricky to care for, and if you’re one of them, all we can suggest is that you take a good, hard look at your budget and consider whether or not they will be worth the cost. Now, here are some helpful suggestions when caring for your curly hair extensions

curly clip in human hair extensions

Cool it down a notch

As mentioned above, curly clip in hair extensions are increasingly popular in today’s society. This means you can treat your hair wear extensions exactly as if they were your natural hairs. We suggest using heat tools for the final touch-ups while styling as it will help in styling your second, artificial ‘do. However, straightening your human hair extensions is unnecessary because it may be too much for them. Also, bear in mind the heat temperature you work with when styling these types of extensions so to lessen any damage or wear and tear on your curls.

curly clip in human hair extensions

Natural oils all the way!

curly tape in hair extensions will appear smooth and shiny after opening. The curls remain intact for a long time when the extensions are properly cared for. Try to wash curly hair extensions less often than you would your natural hair since they aren’t receiving the natural oils from your scalp. Also, comb or brush curly hair extensions regularly to distribute fresh oils through each strand of human hair or synthetic extension.

curly clip in human hair extensions

Oiling and Heat are Red Flags all the way!!

Hair products are great for keeping your hair extensions for curly hair extra soft and hydrated, but it is of utmost importance that you are wary about what you’re using. Leaving the heat on the hair causes the fibers to shed out (and yes, shedding is a normal thing that happens when hair extensions are attached), so if you want to add more curl definition, use a curl enhancer and let the curls set in with shape as it cools down. At times, so many people tend to mix two different products. And even animals don’t look as cute! We hope no one has fallen into this category yet since we believe that not everything goes well alongside one another (as do others).

curly clip in human hair extensions

Keep it au natural, baby

It’s best to avoid using bleach chemicals on your curly clip in human hair extensions or coloring them at home. Chemicals can be quite destructive, so they may not be the best solution if you are looking for color. They stay great for years, but if you must, remember that nonstripping dyes do less damage to blonde curly hair extensions than bleach. Alternatively, you can buy colored extensions in the predominant color from an expert and use them as a template to match an artificial hair of the same color pattern.

curly clip in human hair extensions

The FINAL Word!!

Natural curls need a very specific type of style. So using a good hair conditioner is important, and there’s no better one than True Glory Hair! We pride ourselves on our customers’ hair, while they benefit from the immaculate kinky curly clip in hair extensions they get, thanks to our excellent products.


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