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Stay in Style, Slay the FASHION of Hair Trends!!

Many people dream of having long hair because someone close to them has a long mane. But for some people, their hair is not as healthy as it could be, and for this reason, they might want to consider getting a professional hairdresser to fix their locks. curly hair extensions are a quick way to get the length you’ve always wanted!

curly i tip hair extensions

HOW GREAT ARE curly clip in hair extensions?

blonde curly hair extensions are the new customized hairstyle for any occasion. They can be used whether you’re looking to add gloss, volume, length, or color to your real hair. If you feel like your current appearance of less than perfect, or perhaps you like a quick and easy way to change up your look daily, this is the right tool for you. They come in all shades and styles; some are too perfect for even Hollywood celebrities! Are you worried about choosing the wrong look? Well below, we’ve answered some key burning questions regarding hair wefts, so feel free to find out more!

curly i tip hair extensions

CHOOSE THE RIGHT curly tape in hair extensions FOR YOUR HAIR.

The right kind of curly clip in human hair extensions can add a tremendous amount of personality and collection to your overall look when it comes to hair. The way your wefts look depends on your personal preferences. For example, if you prefer the sporty look, consider using synthetic strands made of materials that enhance the wavy texture of fine, curly hair extensions before and after

curly hair extensions sew in. Alternatively, if you aim to have trendy short hairstyles for women , then try using human hair wefts because they are thinner, making them more natural-looking than synthetic alternatives.

curly i tip hair extensions


Divide your hair into sections. Using small razors, trim the roots of your actual hair. Just snip it free of the hair.

For better blending, trim each section leaving about 1/8 inch more than the wefts root width.

Part your hair horizontally and start twisting the roots of the 2 sections together to make a new set of hair. Secure both sections with elastics or pins on either side of your head or towards its back (just above your neck). You mustn’t use any sticky spray at this point since they must stick to itself, not to each other! Start picking up one weft at a time and place them over the remaining horizontal sections.

curly i tip hair extensions

Pull out the hairstyles until it lies flat to the head, but not until you can see any part showing underneath (this will be corrected later). If necessary, pin down some areas for better blending.

Now you can assemble the first bunch of hair, referred to as “curly micro link hair extensions.” With almost every bundle of best curly hair extensions, some are smaller than others. Always start at the bottom with the tiniest one on first, this is because it is located at the narrowest part of your head.

Apply the hair to dry and comb through with a wide-toothed comb well. Now, you’re ready to go out and make heads turn with your fabulous new look! We hope you picked up some tips on how to flirt with fashion trends this season by trying out wholesale human hair wefts.


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