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Ten Tips for Preparing a Successful Medical School Personal Statement

Weldone! You are on the verge of making your next move for achieving your academic milestone. Now is the time to get a college degree and pursue advanced studies. If you aim to continue your education, you must remember that you will have to go through a rigorous process of selection to get into your desired institution, whether it is at home or abroad. And one of the most important documents that are considered the token of selection is a powerful personal statement.

What is a personal statement? 

A personal statement is a formal essay that illustrates the personal and academic background, achievements, aspirations, qualities, and characteristics. A personal statement allows the admission committee to examine a candidate for his aptitudes and help them make a decision regarding the selection.

However, it is true that writing a personal statement can be the most difficult task. Writing it with utmost care and prudence is imperative because you are selling yourself to be admitted. And therefore, you should be cautious if you really want to get admitted into the school you want. In that case, you can get help from a professional personal statement writer. Never shy away from getting help if you are gutted to advance your academic career.

Tips for drafting a successful Medical school Personal statement: 

Anyways, let’s learn some of the most useful tips for preparing a successful medical school personal statement.

  1. Write a strong introduction: 

A good personal statement begins with a great introduction. There are thousands of personal statements that the admission committee has to assess, and if the committee loses focus right in the beginning, the application will have the least chance of getting selected. Therefore, it is important to begin the personal statement with a bang. Write an introduction that hooks the attention of the reader and captivates him. The first line of the introduction should be catchy, while the rest of the paragraph will give a glimpse of what to expect in the rest of the essay.

  1. Give evidence:

If you are a high achiever, you must have evidence to substantiate your statement that you will put in personal statement. For example, saying that I am very good at maths is not enough. Make sure you add a solid proof of achievement that confirms that you are good in maths. Saying things without valid proof will be of no value to the admission committee.

  1. Answer the 5W questions:

Make sure you keep the essential 5W questions in your mind and answer them throughout the essay. Some of the important questions include:

  • Why do you want to become a doctor?
  • What do you aspire to do in the future?
  • What motivated you to become a doctor?
  • What is your achievement?
  • Who are you as a person?
  • Where do you see yourself after completing medical school?
  • Why have you chosen to become a doctor?
  1. Be genuine: 

There are always some students who think that they will lie and then get away with it. But unfortunately, they do not. The admission committee can easily identify the lies expressed in the personal statements. Therefore, it is advisable to be truly genuine and avoid misrepresenting things because it will lead to nothing but your disqualification.

  1. Be unique:

There may be umpteen numbers of students applying for getting admitted into the medical school, with lots of achievements and strong academic background. What would be the element that can make you distinctive and deserving to be selected? Of course, having a unique quality that no one has.

The next thing is to be unique extraordinary so that you can stand out in the hundreds of thousands of applicants. As said earlier, that you are selling yourself through a personal statement, so you should have a unique selling point that attracts the customers.

  1. Follow five-point essay format:

Many students find it confusing to select a format for writing their personal statement. Writing a personal statement is no different from writing a regular essay. Like an essay, you must write your essay in the following format:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

            You will begin a personal statement with an introduction and move to the body, which can consist of three to five or even many paragraphs. You will decide the number of paragraphs on the basis of the suggested words limit. Then, you will end the personal statement with a definite conclusion.

  1. The show, do not tell: 

A personal statement demands you to show and not tell. To be a doctor, you may need to have a lot of personal skills besides academic achievements. Make sure you show that you bear them and not say it explicitly. You can tell stories that depict your characteristics despite saying I am compassionate, kind, and empathetic etc.

  1. Identify what they want:

There will be many schools that will mention what they want you to state in the personal statement. Usually, they have three to four questions that they want you to address in the personal statement. In that regard, you must be cautious of reading their prompt and answering all of their questions one by one. Never miss any of their questions, as it can lead to disqualification.

  1. Avoid clichés: 

One thing that you must always remember when writing a personal statement is to avoid using clichéd arguments to support your application. Saying things like I always wanted to become a doctor or I want to serve people are outdated and not strong arguments to support your motivations to become a doctor. In that regard, you should truly tell the reasons that made you choose the field and also try to offer a more valid and fascinating reason.

  1. Edit:

Last but not least, never think of your first draft to be the final. Make sure you edit it after writing and get it checked by professionals, such as uk essay writers, that you trust to provide guanine critical analysis and improvement suggestions.  

Bottom Line:

The personal statement is the heart core of your admission application. Writing a convincing personal statement can help you acquire a position in your dream school. So, it is very important to write it with zeal and perfection.


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