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Surrogate mother costs and different procedures to make intended couples biological parents

As everyone knows, surrogacy helps become parents of their genetic child. Moreover, there are several things inside regarding the total cost of a surrogate mother. The surrogate mother’s prices include clothing, transportation, food, and other expenses. Even more, multiple pregnancies and a cesarean may add additional charges to the bill.

Surprisingly, a surrogate mother is not only economical for people residing in Ukraine but also foreigners. Various fertility clinics offer huge discounts on surrogacy procedures. The couples can surely avail of the offer and benefit from the great offer. The couple does not only get an economical package but also bit through the procedures there are always chances of guaranteed results and service of leihmutter ukraine charge significantly less.

Moreover, the procedure also ensures the delivery of a healthy child. Also, unsuccessful embryo transfer results in a repeated procedure unless there is good news for the successful delivery. Aside from that, at the Feskov fertility clinic, many couples come due to the attractive price of different procedures. They get successful procedures done at reasonable prices.

Following are the reasons due to which one can choose feskov fertility clinic as their ultimate choice for surrogacy:

●      Reliability

●      Comfort

●      Guarantee

●      Reasonable prices

Cost of surrogacy in Ukraine

As per different circumstances, prices vary from 37,000 to 80,000 euros. Furthermore, prices vary with demand. For instance, if the couple wants to select the desired gender with their egg, the fees range from 50,000 € to 60,000 €. However, if the couple demands a healthy child with almost all the genes, the price becomes 70,000 €. Hence, with every single addition in the procedure, the price will vary.

Egg donors in Ukraine

There are many procedures through which the treatment of infertility issues has become possible. Egg donation is one such procedure. Due to infertility issues in some females, this procedure was initiated. Moreover, women’s age plays a vital role in causing this issue. Even better, egg donors have many infertility issues in women. Some reliable egg donors charge a specific amount for donating eggs to females, so the surrogacy procedure becomes possible for the intended couple.

In addition, the egg donors are usually anonymous, but if the couples want an egg donor from their friends and family, then it can also be done. Also, it is mandatory to sign a contract with the egg donor. Also, the agreement must include all the necessary conditions.

Notably, if one wants an egg donor through the agency, then, of course, the agency is responsible for providing the best egg donor who has gone through medical screening and different tests. Thus eizellspende in ukraine costs a meager amount than egg donors in other developed countries.


The perception of surrogacy is different in different countries and so are their prices. One must not forget that as the demand increases, the prices for other procedures increase. Also, the prices are different in different countries, and the criteria are also different for surrogacy.


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