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Study Strategies: 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Time at College

Your time at college will be filled with meeting new people, experiencing new things, and learning how to be a responsible adult. For many people, this is their first time being on their own, which can be scary and exciting at the same time. 

Some new college students spend their time alternating between drunk and hungover, while others hole up in their dorm rooms, endlessly studying for the next big exam. Both are extreme, so if you want to find a happy medium, read on for five foolproof tips to help you get the most out of college. 

1. Find the Right Online Tutor

Whether you’re struggling with a certain subject or just need someone to read over that term paper, it’s worth taking the time to find the right online tutor to assist. Tutoring isn’t just for people with poor grades – it assists with knowledge retention and assignment comprehension, making it a brilliant secret weapon for all college students. 

If you find that you’re especially knowledgeable in a certain subject, consider becoming a tutor yourself, either on a volunteer or paid basis. This is an excellent way to help you remember content better. 

2. Find the Perfect Study Space

Many students do the bulk of their schoolwork either in their dorm rooms or apartments. However, you spend a lot of time there relaxing, hanging out, and sleeping, so it may not be the ideal place to study. 

Most college campuses have designated quiet areas and study nooks for students to work in, so find one that suits your needs best, and do the bulk of your schoolwork there. Finding the perfect spot for studying will help eliminate distractions and improve your retention level. 

3. Know Your Credit Requirements

At the beginning of your freshman year, take a few moments to read over and understand your credit requirements. You’d be surprised at the number of students who reach their last semester only to find out they missed a crucial credit and must take an extra course to catch up. 

While the majority of students don’t graduate within four years, you can reduce needless credit requirement mistakes by knowing what’s expected of you from the beginning. 

4. Go to Extracurricular Seminars and Lectures

There isn’t a single college out there that doesn’t bring in guest speakers from time to time. These seminars and lectures are a chance to learn something new and meet new people. You should make it a priority to attend a few of these events during your college career, as they can earn you extra credit points and provide valuable networking opportunities. 

5. Save Course Materials

We’re not talking forever here, but at least while you’re still in college. Keeping most of your course materials handy is helpful, especially when you return from summer or winter break and need a refresher to get caught up. 

Also, much of college education is repeated or built-upon from year to year, so being able to refer back to past books and notes is a great way to refresh your memory. Plus, some professors allow you to reference notes you’ve taken in their class on tests, so make sure your note-taking skills are honed. 

College is a scary and exciting time for most people. Full of new experiences and unfamiliar faces, it’s often the first time students truly feel that they are on their own. Some study non-stop, while others indulge in all the fun stuff and ignore their obligations. If you’re looking to fall somewhere in the middle, follow the tips above to get the most out of your time at college. 


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