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Steps How to Kick Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Over the last decade, companies across the world have been shifting their businesses to the digital space. Nowadays, almost every company invests lots of resources in digital marketing to keep up with the competition. That results in a high demand for qualified specialists and increases the number of digital marketing jobs on the job market.

The field of digital marketing develops at a skyrocketing speed. It delivers shining opportunities for experts and is a sought-after career path for many graduates. But what makes it so appealing in comparison to other high-growth industries? 

First, digital marketing values diverse skill sets. Almost anyone, creative heads and analysts, tech geeks and mathematicians, can find a suitable niche. Transfer your knowledge into a valuable skill in marketing, and you will fit into one of the many disciplines.

The list of disciplines under the term “digital marketing” seems endless. It includes (but is not limited to):

  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Content Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Data Analytics

… and many more.

Second of all, you don’t need formal qualifications or high education to start. Although an academic diploma won’t handicap you, employers will look more at what you can do. Skills, knowledge and motivation are valued much higher than school achievements. Previous results, portfolios or demonstrated know-how are most important here. 

Then what does it take to start? Here are the steps to a successful career launch in digital marketing.

Step 1: Do Your Research and Choose

Before deciding on your goal, it is necessary to understand what you are good at and can already bring to the table, for example you are great in such things as how to flip an image in photoshop, so you can go further and be a great photo editor. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses and compare them to the requirements. This way, you can save time on learning new skills. 

Deep research of chosen disciplines in digital marketing will help too. It will be useful to investigate the job market and look over the requirements for open positions. So be curious and find out which specific niche in digital marketing is the best fit for you!

Step 2: Develop Expertise

Any position in digital marketing will require deep advertising expertise. It is important to have a good understanding of all marketing processes, even if you are responsible for just one channel.

Expertise in selling also a must for any marketing role. The goal of every business is to drive sales, so it doesn’t end with only generating leads, creating content or analyzing trends. 

Such knowledge can be collected either in college, previous jobs or through self-education. There is an endless amount of information available, and with enough determination, anyone can get that expertise. 

Step 3: Detect and Work on Soft Skills

Soft skills are critical when we talk about such a dynamic field as digital marketing. To become successful in a new team, these are the skills you would need to bring with you.

  • The ability to learn, and also having curiosity, will be the key to helping you advance faster. Even if you are focusing on a specific niche,like ethereum calculators, it won’t hurt to get some knowledge on related topics. This way, you will always be a valuable employee willing to progress day by day.
  • Adaptability. Being able to adapt and keep up with all changes will play a huge role in your career development. Digital marketing space changes by the day, and you would need to keep up with constant updates. 
  • Teamwork. Developing a successful digital marketing strategy usually requires a team. So, the ability to coordinate your actions with coworkers is a necessary skill in this industry. 
  • Analytical thinking also plays a huge role in any area of digital marketing. All marketers measure the performance and make decisions based on the results. 
  • Complex problems require creative solutions. Even if your work doesn’t focus on creating content or developing campaigns. Creative thinking will help you survive the competition and stand out from the crowd.  

Step 4: Master Essential Hard Skills

Depending on the niche, there are different tools and software solutions you will have to master. For instance, SEO managers have to be fluent with Google algorithms. Social media managers work with content planning tools and social media performance analytics. E-Mail Marketers have their own platforms where they design e-mail marketing campaigns. The best way to find out which tools are essential for your role is to research each niche and look over requirements for open positions. 

There are plenty of resources where you can find information on each of these tools.  Every software has its own guides that you can study, and also an endless amount of free courses on the internet to learn from. You can start by reading industry blogs, taking a course and even attending themed events. 

So select your focus area, build up that skill set to get closer to your first job in digital marketing. It can be helpful to try out several disciplines before deciding on one. However, when you do, it’s time to land your first job in digital marketing!

Step 5: Launching a Career in Digital Marketing

Such a career requires both passion and patience at the same time. It’s impossible to master a job once – you will need to re-do your work, learn and re-learn throughout the whole path. And even if you have previous experience in a related field, you may have to do an internship or volunteer to get your foot in the door. Take it as a chance to hone your skills under the supervision of other professionals. 

Though it may seem challenging to begin, what matters is your determination and hard work. In the end, you will reap the fruit of your hard work and become a successful digital marketer.


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